The Usefulness of Electrical Appliances

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Created by seth.bragg over 6 years ago
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The Usefulness of Electrical Appliances
1 We often use electrical appliances because they transfer energy at the flick of a switch
1.1 We can calculate how much energy is transferred by an appliance and how much the appliance costs to run
2 Transferring electrical energy
2.1 The amount of energy an appliance transfers depends on how long the appliance is switched on for and its power
2.2 To calculate the amount of energy transferred from the mains we use; E= P*t
2.2.1 If E is energy transferred in kilowatt hours (kWh), P is the power in kilowatts (kW) and t is time in hours (h)
2.2.2 If E is energy transferred in joules (J), then P is power in watts (W) and t is time in seconds (s)
2.3 Cost of Electricity
2.3.1 Electricity meters measure the number of units of electricity used in a home or any other building
2.3.2 The cost of electricity is calculated as: total cost= number of units*cost per unit

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