Fertility, IVF & Hormones

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Created by BubbleandSqueak over 6 years ago
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1 Hormones
1.1 Chemicals that regulate functions of organs and cells
1.2 Adrenaline
1.2.1 Increases heart rate
1.2.2 Produced in the adrenal gland
1.3 Menstrual Cycle Hormones
1.3.1 FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone Encourages egg to develop
1.3.2 LH = Luteinizing Hormone Causes egg to be released
1.3.3 Oestrogen-secreted by ovaries Stops production of FSH Stimulates LH to start
1.3.4 Progesterone Causes Uterus lining to thicken
1.4 Insulin
1.4.1 Produced in the pancreas
2.1 Infertility
2.1.1 10% UK couples are infertile Infertile if they have had sex for over a year without contraception and haven't concieved
2.1.2 Low level of FSH means eggs won't develop
2.2 Doctors give women an injection of LH
2.2.1 Causes them to 'super ovulate'
2.3 Eggs are collected and fertilised in a petri dish with the man's sperm
2.3.1 A few of the healthy embryos are implanted into the women's uterus
3 Contraceptive pill
3.1 Some side-affects in some women
3.1.1 Dizziness
3.1.2 Sickness
3.1.3 Mood swings
3.1.4 Weight gain
3.1.5 Loss of interest in sex
3.1.6 Severe (rare) side-affects Increased blood preassure Strokes
4 Diabetes
4.1 Causes someone's blood sugar level to become too high
4.2 Type 2 Diabetes
4.2.1 Cells don't respond to insulin
4.3 Type 1 Diabetes
4.3.1 The body doesn't produce enough insulin
4.4 Symptoms of Diabetes
4.4.1 Weight loss and loss of muscle bulk
4.4.2 Feeling very tired
4.4.3 Feeling very thirsty
4.4.4 Urinating frequently

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