Lithium, sodium and potassium with water


AQA IGCSE Chemistry (yr 8) Mind Map on Lithium, sodium and potassium with water, created by Emma Boxley on 05/20/2013.
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Emma Boxley
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Lithium, sodium and potassium with water
  1. Lithium
    1. The reaction generates heat too slowly and lithium's melting point is too high for it to melt
      1. Lithium's density is only about half that of water so it floats on the surface
        1. It gently fizzes and gives off hydrogen
          1. It gradually reacts and disappears
            1. It forms a colourless solution of lithium hydroxide.
      2. Sodium
        1. Sodium floats on the surface of the water
          1. Because it has a low melting point it melts
            1. It forms a small silvery ball that dashes around the surface.
              1. A white trail of sodium hydroxide is seen in the water under the sodium
                1. This soon dissolves to give a colourless solution of sodium hydroxide.
        2. Pottasium
          1. Potassium behaves rather like sodium except that the reaction is faster
            1. Enough heat is given off to set light to the hydrogen.
              1. The normal hydrogen flame is contaminated by potassium compounds...
                1. ...and so is coloured lilac (a faintly bluish pink).
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