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reugees: 400,000 prisoners were returned to their homes. In 1922 a reugee crisis hit turkey, and the loN acted quickly and housed hundreds and thousands of people.  they stamped out small pox etc.

Working conditions- only allowed to ork 48 hours a week, 8 hours a day. 

health- started th global campaign to exterminate mosquitoes which reduced cases of malaria and yellow fever in later decades. 

Transport- came up with the highway code and reccomendations on marking shipping lanes.

social problems- freed 200,000 slaves. Brought down forced labour in Africa from 50 % to 4%

Disarnment in the 1920s:the leuage failed in bringing disarment, in wahsington 192, britain, france, usa and japan agreed to limit the size of their army and thats how far they got. in 1923 theleauges first attempt at disarment was rejected by britain becuase it would tie it to defending countries.  in 1926 plans were finally made for disarnment conference but it took five years to draft a convention for the conference to focus on and in 1933 this was rejected by germans This failure damaged leagues reputation in Germany, Germnay had disarmed, it was forced to, but no other countries did to that extent so they werent prepared to be the first to disarm. 

the locarno:in october 1925, France, britain, germnay, italy, belgiam, poland, czechslovaks, met in locarno  and made some important agreements:Germany finally accepted the borders with france and belgiam. Britain and italy gurannted to protect france if germany violated these borders.Germany accpeted the rhinlenad will be demilitraised zone.france and germany agreed to settle any furhter disputes through the LON.positive!!!!! france were enthusiatic and germany had shown more good will towards towards france. After the locarno pact, Germany were allowed to come into the LON.

kellog briand pact 1928; marked the high point of internatial relations in the 1920. made the world a safer place. 

dawes plan 1924;sorted out germanys problems. american loans helped europe recover, lead to rebuilt industrys, increased employment, increased international trade and increased profits.

manchurian crisis 1931-33japan invaded manhuria, league did nothing, made the LON look week and inneffecrive. 

disarmanet 1932-34germnay complained that it had only disarmed, britain and france struggled to get others to disarm, germnay left the leauge in 1933 and began to rearm. Britain never stopped them , leauge memebers began to rearm.

abyssina crisis- italy invaded abyssina, leuage members couldnt come to an affective sanctions for italy.. leauge seemed irrelevant and powerless.

how the LON work for a better world

how did international agreements help the work of league?

how did economy recovery help?

why did the leaue fail in the 1930s?

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