How Analytics has Become Crucial for Various Industries

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Note on How Analytics has Become Crucial for Various Industries , created by Sunil Ahuja on 04/09/2018.

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In the human world, change is the only constant. But sometimes the changes are so rapid and so compelling that it shows. People have changed and their priorities are visibly changing and changing fast. The abundance of digital communications and the sheer ease of it have made the people habituated in a different way of getting things done. Now it is an obligatory issue for various industrial bodies to cater their respective consumer bases in the same medium. Now, while a lot B to C interaction is happening through a digital medium, satisfying the customer always stands as a challenge.  A major Leap, Speech analysis Consumers want to be able to share their feedback about a service at whatever hour of the day prefer. And they want some positive response or some action taken instantly. Now, with the ever increasing number of digital communicative channels things may be difficult for any institutions to handle. Speech analytics comes into play here and makes it possible to streamline a humongous amount of unstructured data. It helps make the automated customer services more personalized and satisfactory.  Getting hold of the feedback with customer analysis brings a 58% increase in the efficiency of the employees.  Cyber Security This is a problem faced by enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Advanced analytics can be used quite effectively to handle the cyber threats. The financial institutes depend heavily on their data science experts to deal with the security breaches. This is a major field right now and needs a lot of able hands. Cyber security is actually creating a lot of jobs around many industries. Health care Keeping patient records for legal and developmental reasons is often a must for healthcare institutes but it oftentimes amounts to a gigantic mass of data which is a bit difficult to grasp and manipulate. That is one reason why healthcare analytics is so relevant in today’s world. The other reason is of course that with the help of advanced analytics a lot of processes including diagnosis and prescription can be automated.  Various research firms around the world are using machine learning to find affordable cures to cancer. Machine learning can also be used to provide medical assistance to far and wide places.  Sports and Entertainment Sports analytics has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Not only analytics is being used in order to find better ways of personalized work out for players but also to increase consumer engagement. Multiple layers of heavy analytics go into making sure that the consumers and spectators stay tuned.  The entertainment industry is doing everything possible to make the experiences more engaging for the spectators. The ad content is personalized with the help of big data analytics and predictive learning is used to anticipate the consumers’ taste. The Indian scene India has been a little late in analytics adaption but is now well on its way. The number of connected devices has grown incredibly in the last couple of years. More people can be reached through the digital mediums than ever. Marketing analytics is creating waves among the enterprises. Bangalore has come out to be the leader in data analytics. Facilities for analytics training in Bangalore are helping hundreds of students realize their dreams of becoming successful data analysts.  

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