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The first thing that attracts the online customer is the variety of products available on the website. Nowadays, the customers prefer to shop online to save their time, money, and efforts. In order to buy tactical clothing, the customer can simply log in to a particular website to choose from a large selection of clothing items. If a customer is looking to buy tactical gear such as the flashlight or vest at a low price then choosing a reliable online platform is the best option for them.   The customer can buy tactical gear such as the AR receiver extension kit made from high-quality aluminium. It also contains a buffer tube which is anodized to prevent corrosion. It also protects the items from the damage caused due to the daily wear and tear. The kit contains a spring as well as a carbine buffer and castle nut. The customer should learn more about the product features to make a well-informed decision. The kit is designed in such a way that it fits correctly on all the lower receivers of AR. With the help of the modified buffer, the kit works with other types of AR as well.   The AR receiver extension kit is usually 11 inches long and has a hard anodized finishing. Made from steel, the kit can be used for a longer duration of time. The customers can also learn how to use the kit through the online videos and informative articles available on the online website.

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Tactical gear
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