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Arthur Kipps (in Chapter 1):"My spirits have for many years now been excessively affected by the ways of the weather" pg2Technique = "affected" is a verb and "my" is a personal pronoun.Tells us Arthur is somewhat susceptible and prone to changes in mood. His symptoms are characteristic of someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder. "full partner" pg3Technique = "full" is an adjective.This shows that Arthur is trustworthy enough for Mr Bentley to promote him."extreme emotions" pg6Technique = assonance of the 'e' sound. The 'e' sound exaggerates how overpowering Arthur's feelings are. The reader can see that Arthur is often overwhelmed by his feelings, even if he can be level-headed in some situations. "stepfather" pg16-17Technique = It's a title/term of address. This presents Arthur as a caring man as he's acting as a father to Esmé's children even though he doesn't really need to. It also shows the children respect him. "woven into my very fibres" pg18Technique = This is a metaphor. The metaphor conveys that Arthur is haunted by past experiences/memories and they won't ever leave him. The events are a part of him, they've moulded him into who he is in the present. "like an old wound, it gave off a faint twinge" pg18Technique = This is a simile. Arthur compares the memories to a healing injury. He has repaired his life however occasionally the past has an impact on him again. He clearly sees himself as damaged.  "like the outermost ripple on a pool" pg19Technique = Another simile. The memory had been insignificant and light in its affect on him, it was far from the forefront of his mind. The telling of scary stories triggered these memories and the fear he'd felt at the time. "stiffened by my resolution" pg20-21Technique = This is metaphorical. Arthur appears to be stubborn and determined. "lonely terrors" pg21Technique = "lonely" is an adjective. This suggests that the events of the past still isolate Arthur from his wife and stepchildren because they don't know the full story of what happened to him. He has had to suffer alone without their support. "I shuddered." pg??Technique = This is a short sentence that contains a personal pronoun and a verb. The reader can see Arthur is easily scared in eerie settings. As a result his trauma from past experiences begins to come to light.

Family (in Chapter 1):"felt uneasy in his presence" and "loved him more deeply than any"Technique = Contrast between these two quotes.Arthur feels intimidated by and uncomfortable around his step-son Edmund yet also feels he perhaps cares about him the most."surface of that calm, untroubled sea"Technique = This is a metaphor. Arthur is comfortable and content with his family life currently. Implies that he doesn't like change and conflict. "An outsider to their circle"Technique = "their" is a pronoun and as a whole the quote is metaphorical.He sometimes finds himself excluded from the family due to not opening up to them about his past. He's restraining himself."more lurid, wilder and sillier"Technique = A triplet.Arthur doesn't find the 'scary' stories his family are telling entertaining or fear-inducing, he feels his true tale is worse."As if they were ten years old all over again"Technique = This is a simile. The children & young adults are behaving childishly by trying to persuade Arthur. It reminds him of them being younger.

Monks Piece (in Chapter 1):"Monks Piece" as a place name could carry some importance. "Monk" has religious connotations, these people are calm and devoted to God. "Piece" is a homophone that sounds the same as 'peace'. Both these words could signify that Arthur is in a place of tranquility. "I felt an uprush of well-being"Technique = Metaphor. This presents the idea that Monks Peice is a place of positivity. "Monks Piece had been the happiest of homes"Technique = "happiest" adjective/superiative.This place provided joy."Monks Piece as a good omen"Technique = Noun. A good omen tells that positive things are coming up in the future. Again, Monks Piece is portrayed as a positive place. "letting in a great deal of light from both north and south"Technique = "light" connotes joy, happiness and hope. "north and south" perhaps implies that Monks Piece is a place that provides stability and balance. "old, overgrown orchard"Technique = Alliteration/assonance of 'o' Monks Piece has stability and ages over time. "close-curtained now"Technique = Foreshadowing. A negative occurance. Depicts darkness and being closed-off.

The effect of the weather (in Chapter 1, pg1-3):"sweetly scented"Technique = Appeals to the sense of smell and sibilance of 's'."sweetly" creates a calm and positive atmosphere."utter blackness"Technique = Contrasts with "sweetly scented". This creates the feeling of a suffocating and inescapable darkness. This could be foreshadowing the upcoming events the reader will soon discover e.g. the actions of The Woman in Black. "crackling cold"Technique = Alliteration of 'c'.'c' is a slightly aggresive sound, it's a sound that doesn't flow which represents the harsh tone of the novel. "wretched weather" and "crackling cold" and "sweetly scented"Technique = There's a repeated use of alliteration whenever the weather is described. This empathises the importance of the weather. The weather is used to create atmosphere in the novel. "moaning rise and fall of the wind"Technique = Onomatopoeia of "moaning" and metaphor. The 'o' sound generated in the word "moaning" is representative of the noise the wind is making. An implied sad/angry atmosphere.

Suspense (in Chapter 1):"Tomorrow was Christmas Day, and I look forward"Technique = Irony. There's a sense of eagerness. Arthur is awaiting happiness. It's ironic that he's about to relive and record his horror story, not experience happiness. "crackling cold"Technique = Alliteration of 'c'. This creates a chilling feeling, linking to the paranormal. "darkness" and "utter blackness"Technique =  foreshadowing. Implications of doom and evil, and bleakness and death. "mist that lay low about the house"Technique = Metaphor and foreshadowing. Mimics the fog at Eel Marsh house.

Chapter 1

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