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                     Add sth on: añadir algoYou have to add the VAT on to the prices they gave.

             Add up: Encajar / Sumar His story doesn't add up. We added up the bill to check it was correct.

      Add up to sth: Ascender / Alcanzar algo Trains delays are getting worse and with the high fares, it all adds up to misery for the commuters. The bill adds up to forty millions.

             Answer (sb) back: Replicar con insolenciaHer mother was shocked when she started answering her back and refusing to help.

           Answer for: Responder a algo / por alguien The government should be made to answer for their failure to sort out the problem. I can answer for my partner because I know her position on this issue.

      ASK ABOUT: Preguntar acerca de TRATA DE preguntar cómo va algo/algn (en trabajo y salud)EJEMPLOHe asked about my father

             ASK AFTER: Preguntar por alguienTRATA DE preguntar por cómo le va a alguienEJEMPLOJenny rang earlier and asked after you, so I told her you were fine.

           ASK (sb) AROUND: Preguntar por / Invitar aTRATA DE Preguntar en un lugar lleno de personas (intransitivo)Invitar a gente (transitivo)EJEMPLOS I have no idea, but I'll ask around at work and see if anyone can help me. I asked them around for dinner.

         ASK FOR: Pedir / Buscársela (problemas)TRATA DE Solicitar algo Provocar reacciones negativas (siempre con "to be" delante) EJEMPLOS You're asking for trouble/it. I asked for the menu.

                      ASK (sb) IN: Pedir entrarTRATA DE invitar a alguien a entrar a casaEJEMPLOJohn is at the door. Ask him in.

   ASK (sb) OUT: Invitar a salir / Pedir salir (novios)TRATA DE pedir salir / una citaEJEMPLOHe wanted to ask her out but was too shy.

                    ASK (sb) OVER: InvitarTRATA DE invitar EJEMPLOThey have asked us over for drinks on Friday.

ASK (sb) ROUND: Invitar a alguienTRATA DE invitar a personasEJEMPLO We asked him round for diner.

   BREAK DOWN: Romperse / Averiarse / Venirse abajo (INTRANSITIVO)TRATA DE Finalizar negociaciones SIN éxito Dejar de funcionar Echar a llorar EJEMPLOS The talks between management and the unions broke down. My car's broken down, so I came by taxi. He broke down in tears.

       BREAK (sth) DOWN: Echar abajo / Vencer / Descomponer ALGOTRATA DE superar barrera u obstáculoEJEMPLOS We used an ax to break the door down. (material) He broke down the wall with big hammers. (material) The court  broke a number legal barriers down this week. (leyes) They have to broke down many social perjudices to manage to succeed. (leyes)

BREAK AWAY (from sth): Separarse (de) / Romper (con)TRATA DE salir de algo para entrar en otro nuevo. (Intransitivo)EJEMPLO The SDP broke away from the Labour Party. Cataluña isn't going to break away from Spain.

    BREAK (sth) IN: Forzar la entradaTRATA DE  Entrar en edificio para robar (inseparable) Interrumpir algo (intransitivo) Entrenar a un caballo para montar (separable) Usar nuevos productos con cuidado hasta que funcionen bien (separable) EJEMPLOS The burglars broke in and stole the TV and video. I'm sorry to break in on your conversation, but there's a problem. It took ages to break the horse in. I must watch my speed until I break in my new Volvo.

                   BREAK (sth) OFF: Dejar de hablar /                          Partir trozo / romper compromisoTRATA DE Interrumpir / Terminar conversación (inseparable) Partir una pieza de algo (separable) Terminar una relación (separable) EJEMPLOS We were talking about Peter but we broke off when he came in. She broke a square of chocolate off and gave it to her dog. He broke their engagement off when he found out that she had been unfaithful. Jenny decided to break off with Anthony.

         BREAK OUT: Estallar / Producirse / Brotar en la piel (in) / Escapar (of)TRATA DE Estallar guerra, violencia Producirse incendio Llenarse de algo en la piel (ej: granos) (seguido de "IN") Escapar (seguido de "OF") EJEMPLOS They are worried that the war will break out. The fireman says that the fire first broke out in the second floor. I've broken out in spots. The prisioners broke out of the prision.

     BREAK THROUGH sth: Abrirse paso / AtravesarTRATA DE abrirse paso / atravesar mediante por entre a través de, etc... EJEMPLOS The crowd broke through the police barriers and attacked the hunters. The shop was so crowded that Sarah had to break through the people to get to the exit.

BREAK (sth) UP: Romper a pedazos / terminar colegio/relación / inaudible en el tlfTRATA DE Romper algo en muchas piezas (separable) Fin de colegio (intransitivo) Finalizar una relación (intransitivo) No escucharse bien por teléfono (intransitivo) EJEMPLOS Timmy was angry with her brother that he took his coloring book and broke it up into pieces. The school breaks up on 20 July. Chris and Jenny have broken up. You are breaking up; I'll call you back in a minute and see if we get a better conection.

   BRING ABOUT: Provocar / ocasionar / porducirTRATA DE hace que ocurra algoEJEMPLOS The changes to the law were brought about by the government because so many people was ignoring the old one. Coming together to bring about social change is nothing new to people in the developing world.

BRING ALONG: Traer / ayudar a mejorarTRATA DE  Traer a alguien o algo a cierto lugar. Ayudar a alguien a mejorar EJEMPLOS You can bring your friends along if you like. In these cases, you may bring along your own snacks. The coach brought her along a lot in the last six months.

       BRING AROUND: Convencer / Llevar algo / Conseguir que hableTRATA DE Convencer a alguien LLevarse algo cuando se visita Conseguir que alguien hable EJEMPLOS It took me ages to bring him around to my point of view. He brought some books around when he came last night. He didn't want to discuss the details, but I managed to bring him around and he told me everything.






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