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Midterms Math Note on MATH: Everything in MATH, created by Natalie Perdue on 01/19/2020.

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1. Cartesian Grid  The Y-axis is the vertical bold line on the grid. The X-axis is the horizontal bold line on the grid. The top right corner is called Quadrant 1. The top left corner is called Quadrant 2. The bottom left corner is called Quadrant 3. The bottom right corner is called Quadrant 4.  Space, where the Y-axis and the Y-axis meet, is called (0,0).

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Transformations: Translation, Reflection, Rotation: Translations: A translation is moving an object across a grid.  Reflections: A reflection is flipping an object across a grid. Rotation: A rotation is rotating an object across a grid.

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Be able to use a protractor/compass to create perpendicular and parallel lines:  We can study this another time, together.

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Area of a triangle: The area of a triangle is 180 degrees. If one of the sides is 60 and another was 60, what would the other side be?? It would be 60! 60+60+60=180.

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Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract Decimals:  We all know how to multiply, divide, add, and subtract. It is just the same with decimals! Example, 60.5 + 60.5 = 130.0

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Order of Operations:  The order of operations is mainly about the phrase BEDMAS. BEDMAS is...

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Know how to convert from a fraction to decimal to percent: This is easy. If you have 1/4, 4 = 100% and 1 = 25%  

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Calculate a percent of a number without a calculator (ex: 25% of 200): So, if you have  29/30, you would want to know the percentage. All you have to do is divide the 29 by 30, then multiply it by one hundred. Don't divide 30 by 29. It doesn't work that way. 

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Know the divisibility rules: 2. It must be even. 3. Add each digit together, if not 1 digit, add the final. ( ex. 36081. 3+6+0+8+1 = 18. Not one digit. 1+8=9. Has to be 3,6,9) 4. Divisible 2 + even.  5. Must end in a 5 or a 0. 6. Rule of 3 and 2.  8. Divisible by 2 - divisible by 2 + even. 9. Do the same as 3, but has to be 9. 10. Must end in a zero. 0. Error. Undefined.

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Simplify Fractions to the lowest terms:  Make a big fraction more simple. Example, 5/10. Lowest terms = 1/2.

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Add, Subtract Fractions (mixed and improper): Ex. IMPROPER: 8/4 + 3/4. First, make it into a mixed. 2 0/4. 2 + 3/4 = 2 3/4. Same with subtraction. 

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Adding and Subtracting Integers:  This is pretty recent, but I will still talk about it.  Ex. (+3) + (-3) = 0. Ex. (-9) - (+7) = ? First change intergers, (-9) + (-7) = -16 

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Hope you learned something about Math. Enjoy!

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