' A FOREST' - a persuasive writing frame.

Debbie Adamson
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GCSE English Language Note on ' A FOREST' - a persuasive writing frame., created by Debbie Adamson on 09/30/2013.

Debbie Adamson
Created by Debbie Adamson about 6 years ago
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A - alliterationF - factO - opinionR -rhetorical questionE - expertS - statisticsT - The rule of three (mention the same idea three times but in different ways)

TASKS:1. Write a final sentence for paragraph 1 and an opening sentence for paragraph 2 that joins the 2 paragraphs together.2. Using the ' A FOREST' acronym, identify all the points made in the letter. I've done the first one for you. Some appear more than once. One is missed out.  Add at least a sentence to the letter that adds the missed out point.A: ALLITERATION - dense, dark canopy.F -O -R -E -S -T-

THE LETTER.Dear Councillor Ryan,I am writing on behalf of the 6th form at Studley School, concerning the proposed development at Studley Farm. This is an issue we feel very strongly about as the farm is one of the few green sites left in the area.Studley Farm is a great place for children. Often school trips go there to pond dip.Children in the local community have very few places to play and not many families in this area have large gardens. A survey by ROSPA in 2012 said that our area - Studley and Somerville - has one of the worst rates of road traffic accidents in the country involving the under 12 age group; currently over 22% of all accidents per year happen to victims aged 12 or below. Dr William Baker, ROSPA's representative for the Midlands, recently reported that the County Council was neglecting it's responsibilities in this area.Here at Studley 6th Form we think it is outrageous that our younger children are threatened in this way. After all, all children need somewhere to play! Children of this age group  have a need for wide open spaces, and Studley Farm provides this. They can often be seen flying kites or riding bicycles on the farm fields.It is not just the children of Stdley who's safety is threatened. There was a report in the Studley Daily News that Studley Farm is the site of a colony of Pippestrel bats, which are an endangered species in the UK. They nest in the dense, dark canopy near the pond. The fact that they are now in even more danger is terrible.We understand that there is a Council meeting next Wednesday, 29th March 2012. All of us at Studley 6th Form urge you to reconsider the proposal to build houses at Studley Farm.Yours sincerely,Jack Wilson, school captain.

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