Selecting the Best Play School in India

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What checkpoints should come to your mind when selecting the best play school in India for your kid? Get brief idea in this post.

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The notions regarding preschools or play schools have witnessed drastic revisions in the recent decades. What was initially though of just a stage in the journey towards ‘actual’ schooling is now considered imperative in the formative aspect of a child’s social, psychological, cognitive and general development. There has been a steep rise in the number of play schools that have come up in the recent years given the increasing demand on the part of parents for the best possible education for their children right from the onset. Not only in terms of numbers but also in sheer innovation, these schools offer a host of distinctive and unique services (along with education and extra curricular activities), which are aimed at the holistic development of children and forming extraordinary skill sets. Thus, in the plethora of choices up for grabs, choosing the best play school for one’s child is a daunting task. Here are a few ways by which one can zero in on the best- suited play school in India for one’s child: Other Parents: The first step is always to ask people with experience regarding various schools. Parents (in the neighborhood or otherwise) who have or had their kids enrolled in a particular school are possibly the most reliable source of information regarding that school. They are aware of all the processes that occur within the school, whether standards are uniformly maintained or not and other such insider’s knowledge. Location and Transportation: The location of the school is of utmost importance. Not only should the school be located in a safe and reputed neighborhood but should also be in proximity to home. Given the fragile mental and physical nature of children at such formative years, the parents should always be near enough to come to the child’s aid in case of any emergency. Also, the school should provide a proper and reliable system of transportation, which is safe for children. Safety and Infrastructure: Even if the school does not have the latest and expensive infrastructure, it should be child- friendly, solid and well maintained. Safety standards must be high, given the fact that children are more susceptible to accidents and injuries. Methodology of Instruction: Various schools follow different methodological apparatuses in terms of instruction, thus, one should choose the school that complies the most with one’s interests and which is suitable to the child’s temperament. The child should be carefully instructed with patience and should be allowed the necessary freedom to explore by him or herself. It should be ensured that along with the various activities that the school offers for the child’s psycho- social development, basic education should also be imparted so that the child is gradually eased into the schooling system bound to come later. Involvement of Parents: Last but not the least, the school should give importance to keeping communication intact with parents. Parents should be constantly informed about the activities taking place in the school and should be regularly updated regarding their child’s performance and general development. Keeping this in mind, the school should hold frequent interactive sessions with parents.

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