Drama Curriculum (AQA)

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GCSE Drama helps students develop an understanding of many creative and challenging activities.

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IntroductionDrama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama is an essential form of behaviour in all cultures; it is a fundamental human activity. In the school curriculum Drama has the potential, as a diverse medium, to enhance cognitive, affective and motor development. Although Drama is a discrete skill in itself a high degree of thinking, feeling and moving is involved and subsequently aids in the development of skills for all other learning within and outside of school.Drama assists in the development of : the use of imagination powers of creative self expression decision making and problem solving skills an understanding of self and the world self confidence, a sense of worth and respect and consideration for others. At St Michael’s Drama is a compulsory subject at KS3 enabling pupils to develop their speaking and listening skills. The most important part of GCSE Drama is creating and acting in live performances. These performances can be scripted or unscripted and pupils will perform in a variety of performance styles. They will also be expected to take on the role of the director both in class work and during the written exam. During the course pupils study play texts from the perspective of an actor and a director. There will also be visits to live performances and they will need to evaluate the effectiveness of these performances. ASSESSMENT:Practical Coursework- Pupils are assessed on their performance skills and their skills as a director. This is worth 60% of the final mark.Candidates are free to choose any of the controlled assessment options offered in this specification, including: devised thematic work improvisation physical theatre stage management. set design costume make-up and masks puppets lighting and sound Written Exam- The written exam comprises three sections where you will be expected to show understanding of; Devised work completed during the course Your own performance in a scripted play A live theatre production you have seen. This is worth 40% of the final mark.It is essential in drama that you can work well in a group and are committed to the subject. Your group may need you to rehearse at lunchtimes or before or after school. Drama skills are useful in a variety of careers and presentation and communication skills are vital whichever path you decide to take.

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