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expresiones comunes en inglés para usar en exámenes orales.

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PARA PEDIR UNA ACLARACIÓN: Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t understand. Can you say that again, please? Can I ask a question? Do you want me to…? PARA EXPRESAR GUSTOS O PREFERENCIAS I (really) like/love/enjoy… I don’t (really) like… I’d prefer… I’d (much) rather… The thing I like the best is… I’m not very keen on… I much prefer… PARA CORREGIRTE A TI MISMO What I meant was… What I’m trying to say is… What I mean is… PARA EXPRESAR OPINIONES Y PENSAMIENTOS I don’t think he’s very happy. I’m not sure whether they enjoy it or not. I find it really interesting/awful. It looks a bit strange/difficult. She looks as if she’s enjoying it. I think it’d be better if they had chosen… It makes me angry/smile/ worried. PARA CONTRASTAR Y COMPARAR They both show/have/etc. The top one looks more…than the bottom one. The one on the left shows/has…but the one on the right is… It’s quite difficult to compare them. This picture reminds me of… This one is not as… …as the other one. They’re both quite similar … There are… in both photographs. Both of them have got… in them.

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