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John Sexton Sextons intention is to show the tonal value of landscapes in black and white. His work, to me, is very mysterious, the colours of black and white compliment each other well however some of his photographs are dark and make the viewer think and view the image in their own way. He captures black and white images in such a way that, to me, they look almost colourful. There is so many different shades of black and of white in all of his pictures which brings the picture to life. He inspires me to creatively use the contrast between black and white in my own photographs.Ansel adams Adams captures both black & white and colour photographs and portrays tone in such a way that certain parts of his photos are highlighted whilst others lay within the shadows. In his black and white photographs the tone creates depth. All his photos are dramatic due to hard and soft light; both created by tone. In his colour photographs the tone creates contrast. His work is outstanding to me and influences me in more ways than one. His pictures make me want to create a photo that is dramatic due to the hard light or due to the leading colours inside it.Kerik Kouklis Kouklis is said to be drawn to the tonal range and delicate strength of platinum photos. His photos show me that tone can be shown in any colour or effect; whether its black & white or full colour. In some of his photographs he uses what some would call a sepia look. They appear rustic and mysterious; a lot like John Sextons. The almost brown colour over the photo makes the tone appear soft even though the photo could be of a rough road. This links in with the use of the formal element texture. Kouklis' work inspires me to tamper with platinum print photography in my own work and to experiment with all different types of colours and ways of portraying tone.

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