The Vietnam War [Overview]

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11 Yr 9-10 History (Australia in the Vietnam War Era) Note on The Vietnam War [Overview], created by ElsienaKate on 03/04/2013.

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Vietnam was part of French INdochina In WW2 Japan invaded and occupied it, during which the Viet Minh led by communist Ho Chi Minh fought the Japanese. 1945: Japan was defeated, and Vietnam was declared independent of both Japan and France France refused to recognise and Independent Vietnam France fought a war to re-establish control but lost in 1954. An international agreement divided Vietnam into communist North and non-communist South. War started immediately between North and SOuth Vietnam. The US sent advisors, money and troops to South Vietnam, wanting to stop the spread of communism. The US withdrew in 1969 Fighting continued until 1975 when North Vietnam captured South Vietnam

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