Ireland in Rebellion, 1912-1916

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Notes on the situation in Ireland and the United Kingdom between 1912 and 1916

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After the famine many Irish sought freedom from Britain. Most people wanted a parliament of our own while still being linked with Britain. This was known as Home Rule. Many people also wanted full independence from Britain. One such group is known as the IRB(Irish Republican Brotherhood) or Fenians. In 1910 a general election was held and the Irish Party (led by John Redmond) held the balance of power between the Liberals and Conservatives. The leader of the Liberals, Herbert Asquith made a deal with the Irish Party to introduce a Home Rule bill in return for the support of the Irish Party. In order to stop the bill being vetoed a parliament act was introduced in 1911 which only allowed the house of Lords to veto a bill twice before having to pass it. Due to this act being introduced, many Unionists(those in favour of maintaining the Union with Britain) were worried about Home Rule.

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