IB Physics SubTopic 4.4 Wave Behaviour Lesson 1 Reflection

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Lesson 1 on IB Sub-topic 4.4 Reflection & Refraction

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Lesson 1 - Reflection

Textbook References: Tsokos (6th Edition): p172-173; Oxford Text p146 Syllabus Outcomes Covered in This Lesson: Understandings: Reflection Applications and Skills: Sketching and interpreting incident and reflected waves at boundaries between media Main Activities: Task #1: Study this Powerpoint on Reflection (10 mins)Task #2: Use this PhET sim on Wave Interference to explore reflection of water waves (10 mins) Task #3: Download, print and complete this Worksheet on Understanding Image Reversal in Mirrors. (Requires a plane mirror.) (10mins) Task #4: Download and complete this Worksheet on Reflection (20 mins) Plenary: EXTENSION ACTIVITY: Reflection from a Plane Mirror

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