Cotton Mop, Your Floor’s Best Friend

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With so many cleaning utility options available on the market, selecting the perfect one that answers all your requirements is a difficult task.

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Cotton Mop, Your Floor’s Best FriendWith so many cleaning utility options available on the market, selecting the perfect one that answers all your requirements is a difficult task. From being the most effective to the one offering the best value for money, mop made of cotton is hands down the first choice in the category.Cotton Mop has been an invaluable innovation in making the lives of many easier. It has become an essential part of each household maintaining shiny and sterile floors and clean and fresh environment, an innate aspect of a happy home. These mops are the first choice for anybody whose primary focus is hygiene. They are acknowledged as the best home cleaning solutions. Mentioned below are some important aspects that make it better than the rest. • Used for both wet and dry cleaningThe wet mop is ideal for cleaning wood and hard floors and getting rid of the various bacteria on the floor in kitchen and other parts of the house. They have high absorbing power, and its cotton strands reach every nook and corner of the kitchen and room floor making them sparkling clean with their strong scrubbing ability. Dry mop helps in removing the slickness of the wet floor in no time. It can be used on both dry and damp floor to clean the minutest dirt particles.• Soft on the floor and cleans without scratchingThe floor can get scratches from the dirt and dust particles. The top quality soft dry mop picks up the dust and hair from the floor. They are gentle and easy on the surface and removes dirt without scratching it. This is especially important for delicate floors. • Initial low purchase cost The mops made of cotton are the cheapest option available in the market. They lie in the most economical category as cotton is a cheaper to procure yarn. • High absorption capacity and limited shrinkageCotton yarn’s quick water absorbing feature makes this mop a favorite choice for wiping the floor. The increased water holding ability makes it more effective for floor drying and also ensures worker safety.As compared to the other mops the cotton yarn shrinks the least which is the reason for its high demand and popularity.• Long life and durabilityCotton is a strong and durable fiber. The intrinsic nature of the yarn lends a greater strength to the cotton mop and hence guaranteeing a greater shelf life. • Easy maintenance and storage for superior performanceThe mop can be jiggled to remove the loose dirt from its head. It can then be washed with hot running water to clear its dirt. After properly wringing and drying with a handy hang-up hook, it can be stored easily. This bacteria free mop is now ready for another effective cleaning of the house.Mops made from cotton yarn are the best buy for the consumers for the advantages offered by them. They truly are a wonder cleaning option and the best in its category for efficacious home and office tidying jobs.

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