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The Bosnian Crisis (1908) Topic: Annexation. Broken agreements.1 sentence: Austria annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina – which angers Serbia – without moving her warships, thus breaking an agreement with Russia. Involved: Austria-Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Germany + Bosnia-Herzegovina Roles: Austria: Annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina.Serbia: Is angered by the annexation, because of high Serb population in B-Herz.Russia: Angered when Austria annexes B-Herz without keeping her part of the agreement (moving warships through the Turkish Traits). Supports Serbia due to Slav nationalism. Is “forced” to step down when Germany backs up Austria.Germany: Already allied with Austria (Dual Alliance, 1879) and backs her up in the conflict. Outcome: Russia = humiliated because she had to step down + was taken advantage ofSerbia = angered + “hatred” for the Dual Alliance

The First Moroccan Crisis (1905)Topic: Imperial interests.1 sentence: Germany threatens France's control over Morocco by issuing a statement of support for Moroccan independence, thus challenging the colonial friendship treaty of 1904 (Entente Cordiale) Involved: Germany, France + Morocco, AlgeriaRoles: Germany: Issues a statement of support for Moroccan independence during Kaiser Wilhelm II's visit to Tangier in 1905.France: Is in control of the neighbouring state, Algeria. Control of Morocco is therefore vital to secure French imperial interests. Is therefore angered as a result of Germany's actions. Outcome: The international Algericas ConferenceThe Second Moroccan CrisisThe Second Moroccan Crisis (1911)Topic: Imperial interests.1 sentence: German gunboat arrives in Agadir, seemingly to challenge the military troops France recently sent down to stop local uprisings.

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