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Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in progression from it to full product? I personally feel like I have come a long way from the prelim task to now as I have improved my knowledge when using different technologies and I feel that I have learnt more when it has come to editing, making the camera stable and using the different camera angles to represent the character appropriately. I feel that as a group we didn’t integrate any of our prelim task into our horror opening. For one we were all in different groups and for two we didn’t use as much dialogue as that is one of the main horror conventions, to use less dialogue so we didn’t necessarily integrate any of the features and techniques other than an establishing shot at the beginning to set the scene. I feel my editing improved from the prelim task even to the rough cut and then to the final cut. I have definitely gained more knowledge when editing sounds, footage and text within the scenes. I also now know how to download and upload the clips onto final cut pro and shorten or lengthen the duration of it a lot quicker than before. I definitely have gained more knowledge from this task as I know how to edit appropriately and include sound, filters and use other techniques to improve the footage. I know how to film to suit the scene and character and how the angles actually present the character. To finish off I feel that I have mainly done majority of the project with the help of Serina and Chloe. We all have contributed somehow but I feel that when it had come to the final cut, not all of our group was committed to film so I took the lead when it came to filming the final cut. I also feel that the work load wasn’t distributed very well as I was the only one editing. I was the one that edited both the rough cut and the final cut, I feel that if I was to do this project again I would make sure I wasn’t the only one doing the editing as I feel that I was the one that took on the lead editing due to the rest of my group not really cooperating. The editing side of it was definitely the hardest as I was down to do all of it. Editing is the most demanding, time consuming and stressful part so I feel next time if there was to be a project like this I would make sure everyone in the group was contributing to the editing side and willing to cooperate. Overall to conclude this project I feel that I have come a long way from the prelim back in October to know. Thank you.

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