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An annotated collection of the most useful, aesthetically pleasing apps to add to your collection of study tools. These essential weapons to killing it at school and uni are listed across various platforms.

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Note taking one note - windows | mac | iOS | android | chromeThis kind of saved me this year. I would be pretty lazy and disorganised and write my notes on loose leaf or a generic all-subject notebook, thus losing track of where my notes were. I wouldn’t even date my work. With one note, which I used after stumbling across this tutorial, I type class notes quickly and easily, then make hand written notes that make more sense at the end of the day as a revision technique and to set aside for review during finals. What I benefit from this method is that I can take more in from the class or lecture itself rather than fretting over getting all notes written down and missing a lot of key points that the lecturer makes because I’m not giving them enough attention. Typing lecture notes and rewriting them later sets the knowledge in deeper, as well as making it easier to read and understand than messy handwriting when in a hurry. evernote - web | iOS | android evernote scannable - iOS skitch - iOSmark up documents to send to evernote paper by fiftythree - iOSwaiting for the day this is released on android… the BEST note taking app I have ever come across. if you’re not convinced, read this article. google keep - iOS | android | chrome jot - androidThe widget for this is so cute and convenient. Best for on-the-go notes. due 2 - iOS jotterpad - android simplenote - iOS | android squid - androidhandwritten notes workflowy - android do - iOS quip - iOS pages - iOS vesper - iOS To-Do Lists agile tasks - androidreally cute widget! 2Do - iOS pomotodo - android toodledo - android wunderlist - chrome todoist - chrome | android | iOS accomplish - android handle - iOS Battling procrastination & goals clearfocus - androidminimalist study timer forest - android | iOSgrow cut lil tree farms as a reward for not getting distracted! checky - androidtracks how often you check your phone 7weeks - android ezhabit - android habit streak - android finish - iOS Journals & timetables my study life - android the homework app - iOSmy absolute favourite app when I had an iPhone. I can’t recommend it enough, the UI is perfect, and I still haven’t found an android equivalent as good as this. journey - chrome | iOS | androidjournalling / personal diary daylio - androiddaily mood tracker. minimalist UI, daily notification to make an entry. time tune - android asana - androidtrack, plan and journal progress on group projects weekly planner - android toggl - android ezhabit - android timetable - android Background noise, music & games a dark room - websiteI found this browser app about a year ago, and it honestly saved me for my 11th grade finals. I was stressed, I had just finished the exam for my accelerated 12th grade subject (legal studies) when my real exam week had started and I’d spent all of my revision time on legal. All I needed to do was bring myself to a peak focus, so that I could get on with the work. I jumped onto adarkroom, on a different browser so I could start from scratch, put it on night mode (recommend) with the sound up and just worked through it. Once I was calmed down and started getting bored of it, I switched straight over to revision. If I felt myself getting distracted or stressed, I’d start playing again until I felt okay. I do NOT recommend this over taking proper breaks and getting exercise but when you need to cram, or just need to calm down for bed on the night before an assessment, it works. loop - androidrelaxing, endless game headspace - androidmeditation app white noise - iOS | chrome | windows | mac | android background noise to help improve brain activity as well as sleep sound curtain - iOS coffivity - webcafe background noise spotify playlists for studyingacoustic | classic | electronic | instrumental | rock | indieI have my own personal study playlist, if you’re interested please message me ! Clocks & Time Trackers momentum - chromeobviously just about every studyblr owner uses this. it’s the clock time thing with the pretty pictures that you see in just about every post. tab trekker - firefox essentially an alternative to momentum, especially if your admin on a network computer has restricted chrome add-ons like mine tracking time - chrome time meter time sheet - android toggl - android clearfocus - androidminimalist study timer Storage google drive - iOS | android | web | chromenothing can EVER beat google drive for storage… literally store stuff across every device you own, access and edit documents no matter whether you are on a laptop, tablet or phone. any operating system. if you’re not already using it, start backing up ALL of your school work to the drive, you’ll thank yourself. send anywhere - chrome asus file manager - android

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Apps (completely free at App store) Pomorodo my Homework student planner (Love this app, it’s my favorite and really helps me stay organized with all the homework that I have) Evernote FocusNow (so cute i love it!!) Any.Do Quizlet Duolingo LetterSpace (note taking) 30/30 Sleepy time Quiz Up

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