50 Things To Do Between Your Study Sessions

Elaine del Valle
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50 Things To Do Between Your Study Sessions

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1. Go for a walk2. Get some snacks3. Do some cleaning4. Text someone you haven’t talked to in a long time5. Call your parents/siblings6. Get a coffee/tea7. Read/watch news8. Short dancing session9. Draw random sketches10. Work in your bullet journal11. Plan out the next meal12. Do yoga13. Go to the bathroom14. Watch one episode of your favorite TV show15. Take a 20 minutes nap16. Plan out the next day17. Call a friend18. Stretch a little19. Go on tumblr20. Watch YouTube videos21. Make some funny snapchat pics and send it to your friends22. Read some quotes23. Write a blog post24. Go grocary shopping25. Water your plants26. Write down 10 positive facts about you27. Reflect on your week28. “I’m grateful for…”29. Post an instagram picture30. Clean up your desk31. Write a letter to a friend/family32. Listen to audiobooks33. Cook something delicious34. Play a game35. Make a new profile picture36. Set the alarm for the next day37. Fill out your habit tracker38. Make a smoothy39. Write a short story40. Go jogging41. Catch uo with your favorite blogs42. Fine an outfit for the next day43. Take a shower44. Read 45. Look over old letters or photos46. Reorganize you supplies47. Make some new room decoration48. Listen to music49. Sing 50. Lay on your bed and daydream

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