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William Golding uses the beast to convey that the beast is not something they can confront and kill but that it's something that is more fatal and deadly and that evilness is something that's within them that they can't escape. And ends up taking over a lot of them. He also says that it's an instinct of human beings and a part of us and can take the best of us in extreme and traumatic situations in this case when the boys and away from civilisation and social control. boys enjoy mocking Piggy because he is physically inferior. In the human mind, placing someone below themselves increases their self-confidence so that they feel superior and better about themselves. this appears when jack bullies piggy 'shut up fatty' and the boys laugh at him.  Evil can also be used as self-preservation and survival for example the boys attack Simon thinking he was the beast although they could've also  been carried away by the game and simply s attacked him for pleasure. But isn't murder considered evil?

 Under the right circumstances, survival and self-preservation surface, something that “civilized humans” consider as savage, barbaric, and evil.

The symbolism of the shelter shows a sense of civilization and security where there is none. The sand castles show the innocence of the kids even if just the littleuns make them.  The boys' physical appearances not only showed the progression of time throughout the story and how they slowly became more and more savage. And finally, the beast is a symbol of the fear itself; of chaos and destruction among the society the boys have created amongst each other, since the beast is the Lord of the Flies.

Jack and Ralph had advantages of gaining power. Jacks advantage was the fear. He intimidated the boys by making fun of them and making them feel weak. Because the weak ones often look for strong leaders, With Jacks fear, everyone might follow everything he says because Jack possibly will do something scary and hurtful and liked the idea of punishing those who broke the rules at the beginning.  Ralph is nice and kind, that was his advantage. He let the boys talk and express their feelings. Ralph’s reign is peaceful because he doesn't punish anybody and he resisted to any complaints made by the littleuns. One of Jacks major advantages was Savagery, And in a way the boys admired him as well as being fearful of him. He met their expectations and did what he wanted not what was correct. Ralph wanted to stay civil and be rescued. He did not believe in the things the others did. But there's also a part of him that wants to give in and become savage and he's in a constant battle with himself of doing what's right or becoming one of them.

The fire is first mentioned in the third chapter, when Jack realises it would be needed if they wished to ever be rescued. This is because in order to be saved, they must catch the attention of any passing boat or aircraft. Here, fire symbolises not only the hope, but also the importance of returning to order and civilisation, and the need for survival and rescue. It also symbolises a sense of security as well as keeping them warm and comfortable