Fiqh of Taharah - Day 3 Quiz

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Which of the following are allowed?

Select one or more of the following:

  • Eating with Jews & Christians

  • Eating the food cooked by Jews or Christians

  • Using the Utensils of Non-Muslims

  • Eating Pork cooked by Muslim Cook

  • Drinking Alcohol with Christian Boss

Question 2 of 5

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We can't pray with shoes on and on bare ground.

Select one of the following:

  • True
  • False

Question 3 of 5

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__________ enough to clean Dirty Shoes.

Select one of the following:

  • Clean Mud is

  • Antiseptic, Water and Brush are

  • Boiling Hot Water is

Question 4 of 5

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When a dog licks your pots and pans, what should you do?

Select one of the following:

  • Wash them

  • Clean them seven times

  • Use them

  • Wash them three times

Question 5 of 5

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If there is no water and you are done with your menstruation, what should you do?

Select one of the following:

  • Take bath with sand

  • Delay the Bath till you find water

  • Do Tayammum

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