What Type of Teacher Are You?

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Discover your teaching style with this simple test.

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Question 1

How do you like to use the time in class with your students?
  • Explaining new materials and correcting homework
  • Working with students in groups
  • Explaining new materials and solving doubts

Question 2

What would you include in a study guide to help your students?
  • Nothing. Study must be carried out by students
  • A list of exam questions
  • A list of the main concepts that should be covered for exams

Question 3

What kinds of tasks do you prefer to give your students?
  • Activities which help students understand key concepts
  • None
  • Tasks that are not too difficult but require a lot of time so that students learn to work hard

Question 4

After correcting an exam, you realise that the average score is very low. What do you do?
  • Change the format of the overall exam to improve the overall results. After all, it was quite difficult
  • Nothing, students should have studied more
  • Review the exam in the classroom with students to help them learn from the experience

Question 5

Two students are talking during class when you are explaining something. What do you do?
  • Throw them out of class and assign extra homework to them
  • Stop explaining until the students finish their conversation
  • Politely ask the students to stop talking as they are disturbing the rest of the class

Question 6

You are editing a student's assignment and you find a completely illegible answer. What do you do?
  • You ask the student in person and give them a good score if the answer is correct
  • You give the student half the marks if they are capable of explaining the answer well in class and warn them to beware of their handwriting in future
  • You mark it as wrong

Question 7

The best student in the class fails a test that most others pass. What do you do?
  • Nothing
  • You give them a good grade anyway. After all, he/she is the best student in the class DESPITE this poor result
  • You mark the result as they scored and decide to talk to him/her to see what happened

Question 8

You walk into the classroom and students are behaving like zoo animals. What do you do?
  • You scream at them to stop and then give them more work
  • You ask for silence. If they do not obey, warn them about a possible exam the next day
  • Wait. It's no problem if the class starts a few minutes late

Question 9

During class, a student asks a question you do not know the answer to. What do you do?
  • You try to answer the question as best you can. You have to demonstrate your knowledge in front of students
  • You say something like "good question, I will research the answer for another day to share in class"
  • You say something like "I'm not sure but it is not important for our agenda"

Question 10

During class, a student asks a silly question showing that they have not paid attention all week. What do you do?
  • Say something like, "We talked about this concept throughout the week If you still have questions, I will gladly help you after class"
  • Say something like, "You can not sleep in my class and then expect me explain something new just for you. Pay more attention in my class"
  • Answer the question and explain the concept again, even if it means using the time allocated to something else