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A short assessment to indicate that the tutor has followed and understands the key points of the tutor induction presentation

Resource summary

Question 1

What is the February 2017 Ofsted grade?
  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires improvement
  • Inadequate

Question 2

Which of the following has Ofsted determined require improvement
  • Vision and strategy
  • Maths and English outcomes
  • Commissioning
  • Partnership work

Question 3

What is self assessment?
  • Something the council has to do for Ofsted
  • Something managers have to do
  • A pain
  • A process by which everyone involved in the Learning Journey process can evaluate and contribute to improvements.

Question 4

Which of the following quality standards must providers adhere to
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
  • Matrix
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Standard
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management

Question 5

Government guidelines indicate that tutors should have a teaching qualification at what level?
  • Three
  • Four
  • Two
  • Five

Question 6

The Minimum Core teaching requirements indicate
  • The development of numeracy and literacy skills are best left to specialists.
  • All staff are expected to develop the readings, writing, communication and mathematical skills of the learners they teach.
  • Only those with QTS and QTLS or a Level 5 specialist award need to concern themselves with numeracy and literacy.
  • All staff are expected to have current qualifications in English and maths to Level 3.

Question 7

Complete the sentence: The 2014 Professional Standards
  • only apply to those with QTS or QTLS
  • A set of expectations of managers with the overall purpose being to maintain and improve standards of teaching and learning, and outcomes for learners.
  • Are a set of expectations of all teachers and trainers with the overall purpose being to maintain and improve standards of teaching and learning, and outcomes for learners.
  • only apply to those teaching in public sector schools

Question 8

Which of the following areas of teaching, learning and assessment require improvement?
  • Classroom management
  • Embedding of English and maths
  • Schemes of work and lesson planning
  • Insufficient stretch and challenge

Question 9

Tutors to have at least equivalent Level 2 in English and maths
  • True
  • False
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