SALESFORCE ADM-201 Certification Exam 7

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Question 1

What are the functions available when defining a rollup summary field? Choose 3 answers.
  • Count
  • Sum
  • Average
  • Min

Question 2

Which component can be included in a custom home page layout? Choose 3 answers
  • Dashboard Components
  • Trending Chatter Topics
  • Analytic Snapshot
  • Messages and alerts
  • Pending approval list

Question 3

UC has a private sharing model in which regional sales managers are only allowed to view opportunities in their own regions. For reporting purposes, they additionally need read only access to opportunities in other regions. What permission can a system admin enable to meet this requirement in the regional sales manager custom profile?
  • “Read” for opportunities
  • “View All Data”
  • “View all for opportunities”
  • “Visible” for the Sales app

Question 4

Which feature license can be assigned to a user record in salesforce? Choose 2 answers
  • Opportunity user
  • Console user
  • Service cloud user
  • Knowledge user

Question 5

How can a system admin add user to a salesforce organization using Chatter Free? Choose 2 answers
  • Assign Chatter Free Licenses to existing Salesforce Users
  • Create users in the org and assign them a chatter free license
  • Enable invites to allow user to invite others within specified email domains
  • Assign Chatter Free Licenses to users outside the specified email domain

Question 6

How can a sales user relate an opportunity to a campaign? Choose 2 answers
  • Select the campaign record type when creating the opportunity
  • Use the campaign influence related list on the opportunity
  • Use the campaign hierarchy related list on the opportunity
  • Select the primary campaign source for the opportunity

Question 7

The cloud scheduler has which capability? Choose 2 answers
  • The cloud scheduler allows user to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars
  • Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on salesforce user calendars
  • The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level
  • A custom logo can be added to the meeting request email sent to a contact or lead

Question 8

Universal Containers would like to track the leads and contacts it will send a direct mail promotion. What would be the recommended data model to meet this requirement? (answer ???)
  • Add a ‘Campaign Lead’ object and a ‘Campaign Contact’ object
  • Add one custom object ‘Campaign Leads and Contacts’
  • Use the standard ‘Campaign Members’ object
  • Use the standard ‘Campaign List’ object

Question 9

What type of record access can an administrator grant? Choose 2 answers
  • Read/Write
  • Read only
  • Read/Write/Delete
  • Read/Write/Transfer

Question 10

Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting? Choose 3 answers
  • Date fields
  • Summarized totals
  • Group by field names
  • Summary formulas
  • Grand totals

Question 11

Universal Containers provides read access to the Account object to all its Sales Reps, however Edit access is given to a few senior Sales reps that understand how the data needs to be updated to ensure data quality is upheld. What is the recommended way to achieve this use case?
  • Use 2 separate profiles for “Regular Sales Rep” and “Trusted Sales Rep”
  • Use 1 profile for “Sales Rep”, and create an “Edit Account” Permission Set
  • Use the Role Hierarchy
  • Use programmatic sharing based on a “Trusted?” checkbox on User object

Question 12

Custom buttons cannot be created on which object? (answer ???)
  • Lead
  • Quote
  • Task
  • User

Question 13

A Developer want to specify the objects that users can access. With which kind of security settings can he achieve his goal? Choose 2 answers.
  • Field-level security
  • Profiles
  • Organization-wide sharing settings
  • Permission sets
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