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Exercise from the Lesson #1 of our Web Site. Be careful, use capital letters according to their rules of using, otherwise it will affect your score. Remember to use contractions of the verb be when possible.

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Question 1

A: [blank_start]Who's[blank_end] that over there? B: Oh, that's Hasna. [blank_start]She's[blank_end] from Lebanon. A: [blank_start]How old is[blank_end] she? She looks very young. A: I think [blank_start]she's[blank_end] twenty-five.
  • Who's
  • She's
  • How old is
  • she's

Question 2

A: Your neighbor seems nice. [blank_start]What's[blank_end] his name? B: His [blank_start]name is[blank_end] Ricardo. A: [blank_start]Where's[blank_end] he from? B: Guatemala.
  • What's
  • name is
  • Where's

Question 3

A: [blank_start]Who are[blank_end] they? B: I think [blank_start]they're[blank_end] new students. A: [blank_start]What are[blank_end] their names? B: Mieko and Rika.
  • Who are
  • they're
  • What are

Question 4

A: It was nice to meet your brothers. [blank_start]How old are[blank_end] they? B: Greg's only fourteen. But my older brother, David, is twenty-eight. A: [blank_start]What's[blank_end] David's occupation? B: [blank_start]He's[blank_end] a lawyer.
  • How old are
  • What's
  • He's

Question 5

A: [blank_start]What's[blank_end] your e-mail address? I'll send you a note. B: [blank_start]It's[blank_end] A: K-r-dot-com? That's interesting. [blank_start]Where are[blank_end] you from? B: Busan, Korea. I'm here on business.
  • What's
  • It's
  • Where are
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