Module 1: Literary Criticism vs. Literary Theory

Greg Salyer, Ph.D.
Quiz by , created over 1 year ago

One of the most difficult aspects of learning to do theoretical analysis is differentiating literary theory from literary criticism. Here's a quiz to help you do that.

Greg Salyer, Ph.D.
Created by Greg Salyer, Ph.D. over 1 year ago
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Question 1

Criticism and theory are synonyms for interpreting literature.
  • Nope. I know about the first, but I'm still learning the second.
  • Yes, and I know so because the Purdue OWL uses them that way.
  • Yes, and I know so because the LIT-500 course uses them that way.
  • I just want to be a creative writer.

Question 2

The readings are
  • Different but easy. After all, this is a literature class, and I love literature.
  • Philosophy. Why are we reading philosophy in a literature class?
  • Different and difficult, but I just need to slow down, and I'll get them.
  • Different, difficult, and incomprehensible at first. I'll need the help of my peers and the instructor to understand them.

Question 3

The course design is
  • perfect, so I'll make my way through this easily because of it.
  • not perfect, but it's good enough that I won't need any other resources.
  • horrible, and there's no help. I'm going to drop now.
  • imperfect, but there is plenty of help in the many resources to help you understand what you need to know.

Question 4

In this first module, I
  • am free to do literary criticism since that's all I know, but I will work toward understanding theoretical analysis since that's what I'm learning here.
  • am free to do literary criticism because it's the same thing as theory.
  • must get this right because I'm expected to know and apply theory correctly in Module One.
  • am already confused.

Question 5

Hacking Literary Theory is
  • what happens when my cat eats my literary theory anthology.
  • a video resource my instructor has provided that goes into great detail about how to do theoretical analysis of a literary text.
  • manipulating the coding of literary theory.
  • chopping down the trees of literary theory.