0654 Chemical Techniques Quiz


Quiz for 0654 Coordinated Sciences on chemical techniques.
Jeffrey Piggott
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Jeffrey Piggott
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Question 1

 One of the instructions for an experiment reads as follows: "Quickly add 50 cm3 of acid." What is the best piece of apparatus to use?
  • A a burette
  • B a conical flask
  • C a measuring cylinder
  • D a pipette

Question 2

A student uses the apparatus shown in the diagram below to measure the volume of carbon dioxide gas made when different masses of marble chips are added to 25 cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid. Which other items of apparatus are needed?
  • A funnel and balance.
  • B funnel and stopwatch.
  • C measuring cylinder and balance
  • D measuring cylinder and stopwatch.

Question 3

The diagram shows three pieces of apparatus that are used for measuring the volume of a liquid. What are these pieces of apparatus?
  • A 1: burette; 2: measuring cylinder; 3: pipette.
  • B 1: burette; 2: pipette; 3: measuring cylinder.
  • C 1: measuring cylinder; 2: burette; 3: pipette.
  • D 1: measuring cylinder; 2: pipette; 3: burette.

Question 4

The four pieces of apparatus shown below are used in chemical experiments. Which statement about the apparatus is correct?
  • A The burette measures the volume of liquid added in a titration.
  • B The measuring cylinder measures the mass of a substance used in an experiment.
  • C The pipette measures the volume of gas given off in a reaction
  • D The thermometer measures the density of a solution.

Question 5

A student measures the rate of two reactions. In one reaction, there is a change in mass of the reactants during the reaction. In the second reaction, there is a change in temperature during the reaction. Which piece of apparatus would be essential in both experiments?
  • A balance
  • B clock
  • C pipette
  • D thermometer
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