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Question 1

Which of the following technical controls is BEST used to define which applications a user can install and run on a company issued mobile device?
  • Authentication
  • Blacklisting
  • Whitelisting
  • Acceptable use policy

Question 2

After a company has standardized to a single operating system, not all servers are immune to a well-known OS vulnerability. Which of the following solutions would mitigate this issue?
  • Host based firewall
  • Initial baseline configurations
  • Discretionary access control
  • Patch management system

Question 3

A security administrator discovers an image file that has several plain text documents hidden in the file. Which of the following security goals is met by camouflaging data inside of other files?
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Steganography
  • Availability

Question 4

A company determines a need for additional protection from rogue devices plugging into physical ports around the building. Which of the following provides the highest degree of protection from unauthorized wired network access?
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • MAC filtering
  • Flood guards
  • 802.1x

Question 5

A company is preparing to decommission an offline, non-networked root certificate server. Before sending the server's drives to be destroyed by a contracted company, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) wants to be certain that the data will not be accessed. Which of the following, if implemented, would BEST reassure the CSO? (Select TWO).
  • A. Disk hashing procedures
  • B. Full disk encryption
  • C. Data retention policies
  • D. Disk wiping procedures
  • E. Removable media encryption

Question 6

During the analysis of a PCAP file, a security analyst noticed several communications with a remote server on port 53. Which of the following protocol types is observed in this traffic?
  • A. FTP
  • B. DNS
  • C. Email
  • D. NetBIOS

Question 7

A compromised workstation utilized in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack has been removed from the network and an image of the hard drive has been created. However, the system administrator stated that the system was left unattended for several hours before the image was created. In the event of a court case, which of the following is likely to be an issue with this incident?
  • A. Eye Witness
  • B. Data Analysis of the hard drive
  • C. Chain of custody
  • D. Expert Witness

Question 8

During which of the following phases of the Incident Response process should a security administrator define and implement general defense against malware?
  • A. Lessons Learned
  • B. Preparation
  • C. Eradication
  • D. Identification

Question 9

Due to hardware limitation, a technician must implement a wireless encryption algorithm that uses the RC4 protocol. Which of the following is a wireless encryption solution that the technician should implement while ensuring the STRONGEST level of security?
  • A. WPA2-AES
  • B. 802.11ac
  • D. WEP

Question 10

Joe, a user, wants to send an encrypted email to Ann. Which of the following will Ann need to use to verify that the email came from Joe and decrypt it? (Select TWO).
  • The CA's public key
  • Ann's public key
  • Joe's private key
  • Ann's private key
  • The CA's private key
  • Joe's public key

Question 11

Joe, a user, wants to send an encrypted email to Ann. Which of the following will Ann need to use to verify the validity's of Joe's certificate? (Select TWO).
  • The CA's public key
  • Joe's private key
  • Ann's public key
  • The CA's private key
  • Joe's public key
  • Ann's private key

Question 12

A technician wants to implement a dual factor authentication system that will enable the organization to authorize access to sensitive systems on a need-to-know basis. Which of the following should be implemented during the authorization stage?
  • Biometrics
  • Mandatory access control
  • Single sign-on
  • Role-based access control

Question 13

A security researcher wants to reverse engineer an executable file to determine if it is malicious. The file was found on an underused server and appears to contain a zero-day exploit. Which of the following can the researcher do to determine if the file is malicious in nature?
  • TCP/IP socket design review
  • Executable code review
  • OS Baseline comparison
  • Software architecture review

Question 14

A recent spike in virus detections has been attributed to end-users visiting www.compnay.com. The business has an established relationship with an organization using the URL of www.company.com but not with the site that has been causing the infections. Which of the following would BEST describe this type of attack?
  • Typo squatting
  • Session hijacking
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Spear phishing

Question 15

A company has proprietary mission critical devices connected to their network which are configured remotely by both employees and approved customers. The administrator wants to monitor device security without changing their baseline configuration. Which of the following should be implemented to secure the devices without risking availability?
  • Host-based firewall
  • IDS
  • IPS
  • Honeypot

Question 16

An administrator has a network subnet dedicated to a group of users. Due to concerns regarding data and network security, the administrator desires to provide network access for this group only. Which of the following would BEST address this desire?
  • Install a proxy server between the users' computers and the switch to filter inbound network traffic.
  • Block commonly used ports and forward them to higher and unused port numbers.
  • Configure the switch to allow only traffic from computers based upon their physical address.
  • Install host-based intrusion detection software to monitor incoming DHCP Discover requests.

Question 17

Which of the following is a security concern regarding users bringing personally-owned devices that they connect to the corporate network?
  • Cross-platform compatibility issues between personal devices and server-based applications
  • Lack of controls in place to ensure that the devices have the latest system patches and signature files
  • Non-corporate devices are more difficult to locate when a user is terminated
  • Non-purchased or leased equipment may cause failure during the audits of company-owned assets

Question 18

Due to issues with building keys being duplicated and distributed, a security administrator wishes to change to a different security control regarding a restricted area. The goal is to provide access based upon facial recognition. Which of the following will address this requirement?
  • Set up mantraps to avoid tailgating of approved users.
  • Place a guard at the entrance to approve access.
  • Install a fingerprint scanner at the entrance.
  • Implement proximity readers to scan users' badges.

Question 19

A security administrator has concerns regarding employees saving data on company provided mobile devices. Which of the following would BEST address the administrator's concerns?
  • Install a mobile application that tracks read and write functions on the device.
  • Create a company policy prohibiting the use of mobile devices for personal use.
  • Enable GPS functionality to track the location of the mobile devices.
  • Configure the devices so that removable media use is disabled.

Question 20

Identifying residual risk is MOST important to which of the following concepts?
  • Risk deterrence
  • Risk acceptance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk avoidance

Question 21

The information security technician wants to ensure security controls are deployed and functioning as intended to be able to maintain an appropriate security posture. Which of the following security techniques is MOST appropriate to do this?
  • Log audits
  • System hardening
  • Use IPS/IDS
  • Continuous security monitoring

Question 22

A small company can only afford to buy an all-in-one wireless router/switch. The company has 3 wireless BYOD users and 2 web servers without wireless access. Which of the following should the company configure to protect the servers from the user devices? (Select TWO).
  • Deny incoming connections to the outside router interface.
  • Change the default HTTP port
  • Implement EAP-TLS to establish mutual authentication
  • Disable the physical switch ports
  • Create a server VLAN
  • Create an ACL to access the server

Question 23

Users can authenticate to a company's web applications using their credentials from a popular social media site. Which of the following poses the greatest risk with this integration?
  • Malicious users can exploit local corporate credentials with their social media credentials
  • Changes to passwords on the social media site can be delayed from replicating to the company
  • Data loss from the corporate servers can create legal liabilities with the social media site
  • Password breaches to the social media site affect the company application as well

Question 24

A security team has established a security awareness program. Which of the following would BEST prove the success of the program?
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Metrics
  • Standards

Question 25

A company needs to receive data that contains personally identifiable information. The company requires both the transmission and data at rest to be encrypted. Which of the following achieves this goal? (Select TWO).
  • SSH
  • TFTP
  • NTLM
  • TKIP
  • SMTP
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