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Alc 3

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Question 1

A scope change has been suggested by one of the stakeholders on the project. After careful consideration and a lot of arguing, the change control board has decided to reject the change. What should the project manager do??
  • a. Support the stakeholder by asking the board for the reason for the rejection
  • b. Suggest to the stakeholder that the next change they request will be approved
  • c. Record the change request and its result
  • d. Advise the change control board to make sure they create approval processes before the next change is proposed

Question 2

A new project manager has asked you for advice on creating a work breakdown structure. After you explain the process to her, she asks you what software she should use to create the WBS and what she should do with it when she is finished creating it. You might respond that it is not the picture that is the most valuable result of creating a WBS. It is:
  • a. A bar chart
  • b. Team buy-in
  • c. Activities
  • d. A list of risks

Question 3

A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the project charter. The FIRST thing the project manager must do is:
  • a. Create a project scope statement
  • b. Confirm that all the stakeholders have had input into the scope
  • c. Analyze project risk
  • d. Begin work on a project management plan

Question 4

If the Project Manager is concerned about satisfying a customer, which of the following would he pay the most attention to??
  • a. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • b. Validate Scope
  • c. A signed contract
  • d. Gold Plating

Question 5

An approved change request impacting project scope is: PMBOK p93, p120
  • a. Any modification in technical specifications as defined in the WBS.
  • b. Any change in project authorization.
  • c. Any change in project personnel.
  • d. Any modification to the agreed-upon project scope baseline, as defined by the approved project scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary.

Question 6

The construction phase of a new software product is near completion. The next phases are testing and implementation. The project is two weeks ahead of schedule. What should the project manager be MOST concerned with before moving on to the final phase??
  • a. Validate Scope
  • b. Control Quality
  • c. Create Performance Reports
  • d. Control Costs

Question 7

A new manufacturing facility is being built for a consumer electronic company. The project to create it is nearing completion and will soon begin to enter the closing phase. This will involve a number of people, but who will ultimately approve the work of the project?
  • a. The customer
  • b. Stakeholders
  • c. Senior Management
  • d. Project Manager

Question 8

The Project Manager and team are involved in project planning on a new technology project at their company which will utilize an untested technology associated with biorhythms. They are in the process of breaking the work down into the smaller more manageable pieces ultimately leading to activities. What are they creating?
  • a. Work packages
  • b. Define Activities
  • c. To-do list
  • d. Task list

Question 9

During project executing, a team member comes to the project manager because he is not sure of what work he needs to accomplish on the project. Which of the following documents contain detailed descriptions of work packages?
  • a. WBS dictionary
  • b. Activity list
  • c. Project Scope Statement
  • d. Scope management plan

Question 10

George is new in project management profession. There are a number of new things he is trying to use to do his new job well. He has learned about how breaking things down to smaller pieces can help improve project success. All of the following are breakdown structures he might consider using in project management except...
  • a. Risk breakdown structure
  • b. Resource breakdown structure
  • c. Organizational breakdown structure
  • d. Communication breakdown structure

Question 11

A new project manager is being mentored by a more experienced certified project management professional (PMP). The new project mananger is having difficulty finding enough time to manage the project because the product and project scope are being progressively elaborated. The PMP certified project mananager mentions that the basic tools for project management, such as work brreakdown structure, can be used during executing to assist the project manager. For which of the following can a work breakdown structure be used?
  • a. Communicating with the customer
  • b. Showing calendar dates for each work package
  • c. Showing the functional managers for each team member
  • d. Showing the business need for the project

Question 12

A project was terminated in the middle of execution when half of the deliverables have already been completed. If you are the project manager of this project, what will you do??
  • a. Discuss with the sponsor of what can be done to keep the project running.
  • b. Perform scope validation of the completed deliverables.
  • c. Stop the work immediately and release project resources.
  • d. Send a detailed project status report to the sponsor on how well the project was doing.

Question 13

A work breakdown structure numbering system allows the project staff to:?
  • a. Systematically estimate costs of work breakdown structure elements
  • b. Provide project justification
  • c. Identify the level at which individual elements are found
  • d. Use it in project management software

Question 14

The organizational process assets would include all of the following except:?
  • a. Historical information.
  • b. Organizational policies.
  • c. Lessons learned from previous projects.
  • d. The project management information system.

Question 15

The most important part of Validate Scope is:
  • a. Gaining formal acceptance of the project deliverables from the customer
  • b. Checking the scope of the project against stakeholder expectations.
  • c. Verifying that the project came in on time and on budget.
  • d. Validating that the product met the quality specifications.

Question 16

The medical software project has been going on for two years with a large number of changes and issues. The Project Manager is getting ready for the project to be completed. Which of the following will help close the project??
  • a. Develop Project Team
  • b. Validate Scope
  • c. Planning for the next project
  • d. Release of resources

Question 17

Mark has taken over a project that is beginning the construction phase of the product; however, he discovers that no work breakdown structure has been created. What choice represents the BEST course of action?
  • a. He should refuse to manage the project.
  • b. He should stop construction until the work breakdown structure has been created.
  • c. He should consult the WBS dictionary to determine whether sufficient detail exists to properly manage construction.
  • d. He should document this to senior management and provide added oversight on the construction phase.

Question 18

The electronic monitoring equipment project has entered closure. As the Project Manager and the team prepare for closure, they are told that Verify Scope will be key to the success of the project. Why is this??
  • a. Verify Scope is the process of comparing what the project created to the Scope Statement, product description, and anything else that helps ensure the results of the project will function as intended.
  • b. Verify Scope is used to verify that the project team understands the Scope of the project.
  • c. Verify Scope should have been done earlier in the project and since it wasn’t done then, it’s important to complete it before the project is complete.
  • d. Verify Scope validates that the Sponsor signed the Scope Statement at the beginning of planning.

Question 19

One of the stakeholders on the project contacts the project manager to discuss some additional scope they would like to add to the project. The project manager asks for details in writing and then works through the Control Scope process. What should the project manager do NEXT when the evaluation of the requested scope is complete?
  • a. Ask the stakeholder if there are anymore changes expected
  • b. Complete integrated change control
  • c. Make sure the impact of the change is understood by the stakeholder
  • d. Find out the root cause of why the scope was not discovered during project planning

Question 20

A new toll way and bridge project is being planned to go over City Lake. This project involves creating six new lanes within the existing road and adding three toll booths along with the bridge. Because of where the new project is being built, it is impossible to shut down lanes of traffic during the weekdays. The lanes can be shut down only during the evenings after midnight or on weekends. This is an example of what?
  • a. Successful buyer negotiations
  • b. A project constraint
  • c. Good list stakeholder assumptions
  • d. Stkeholder points
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