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Com 3

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Question 1

A large, one-year telecommunications project is about half way done when you take the place of the previous project manager. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. You would like to see the projects communications requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications. Where will you find this information?
  • a. The stakeholder management plan
  • b. The information distribution plan
  • c. The bar chart
  • d. The communication management plan

Question 2

All of the following would be good reasons to cancel a meeting except…?
  • a. A key team member had to attend a different meeting.
  • b. The topic partially changed and the presentation material wasn’t complete yet.
  • c. A Functional Manager wanted to meet with the Project Manager at the same time.
  • d. The agenda wasn’t published until right before the meeting.

Question 3

During the middle of the project, things have been going well. The work authorization system has allowed people to know when to start work, and the issue log has helped keep track of stakeholder’s concerns. The sponsor has expressed his appreciation for the team members efforts by hosting a milestone party. The project manager gets a call from the team member saying the result from the completion of her activity’s predecessor are two days late. Which of the following reasons would BEST describe why this occurred?
  • a. The project manager was focusing on the sponsor’s needs
  • b. Functional manager was not included in the communication management plan
  • c. The successor activities should have been watched, not the predecessors
  • d. The right people were not invited to the milestone party

Question 4

In establishing project management communication infrastructure, which of the following would be typically used??
  • a. Communication System
  • b. Instant Messaging System
  • c. Information Distribution Planning
  • d. Project Management Information System (PMIS)

Question 5

The project is approximately 70% complete and in the middle of execution. The Project Manager is communicating with stakeholders regarding the status of the project. Which is he likely to use to ensure proper communication is delivered?
  • a. Communications Management Plan
  • b. Information Retrieval Systems
  • c. Verbal communication
  • d. Formal communication

Question 6

The Project Manager is determining what the stakeholder communication needs of the project are. What will he have completed when he is done with this part of the planning?
  • a. Stakeholder Analysis
  • b. Information Distribution System
  • c. Communication Requirements
  • d. Communications Management Plan

Question 7

The project manager is expecting a deliverable to be submitted by e-mail from a team member today. At the end of the day, the project managers contact the team member to notify him that it has not been received. The team member apologizes and explains that he was not able to e-mail the deliverable, and it was sent through the mail instead. The team member goes on to remind the project manager that he had informed the project manager, during a phone conversation that this would occur.. “Was that the conversation we had when I told you I could not hear you well due to poor cell phone coverage?” asked the project manager. “Yes” replies the team member. What could have been done to avoid this problem??
  • a. Paralingual communication
  • b. Adding to the issue log after the phone call
  • c. Better attention to determining communication requirements
  • d. Feedback during the communication

Question 8

The Project Manager is in the process of communicating to the team the tasks, their sequence, durations, and who is responsible for doing what work on the project. Which of the following contain this information?
  • a. Schedule
  • b. Gantt chart
  • c. Work Breakdown Structure
  • d. Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Question 9

The Project Manager and the project is identifying the stakeholders of the international project. They are analyzing the political climate and ask for the political changes that are ocurring in one of the countries in which there are stakeholders. They are looking for:
  • a. Organizational Process Assets
  • b. Communication Management plan
  • c. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • d. Enterprise Environmental Factors

Question 10

The dotcom project is being stopped because the venture capitalist has stopped funding for the company. Which is the best form of communication for the management to use to communicate this information to the team members?
  • a. Verbal
  • b. Email
  • c. Formal written
  • d. Informal written

Question 11

The Project Manager has a project team that can never keep a meeting on track because it always ends up off topic and running longer than anticipated with people bringing up side items and out of cope topics. Which of the following would improve the meetings?
  • a. Send the team to communication training
  • b. Create and publish an agenda
  • c. Determine who is in charge of the meeting
  • d. Create and publish an agenda, and establish the leader of the meeting

Question 12

Project manager has a problem with a team member’s performance. What is the BEST form of communication for addressing this problem?
  • a. Formal written communication
  • b. Formal verbal communication
  • c. Informal written communication
  • d. Informal verbal communication

Question 13

The Project Manager is planning the project. He is meeting with project stakeholders to determine their communication needs for the project. He is finding out what type of information they need, when it is needed, and in what format, when will this be done to the Project Management Plan. What will he create as a result of this work?
  • a. Staffing plan
  • b. Information Distribution Plan
  • c. Stakeholders list
  • d. Communication Management Plan

Question 14

Changes to some project deliverables have been documented in the project management plan. These changes, and other project information, have been distributed according to the communications management plan. One stakeholder expressed surprise to the project manager upon hearing of a documented change to a project deliverable. All stakeholders expressed surprise to the project manager upon hearing of a documented change to a project deliverable. All stakeholders received the communication providing notification of the change. What should the project manager do?
  • a. Determine why the stakeholder did not receive the information and let him know when it was published.
  • b. Ask the functional manager why the stakeholder did not understand his responsibility.
  • c. Review the communications management plan and make revisions if necessary
  • d. Address the situation in the next steering committee meeting so others do not miss published changes

Question 15

A project manager has just been assigned a team that comes from many countries including Brazil, Japan, United Sates, and Britain. What is her BEST tool for success??
  • a. The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  • b. The teleconference
  • c. Team communication with the WBS
  • d. Communication and well developed people skills

Question 16

The Project Manager has four people reporting to him. Three more people are added to the project. How many communication channels were added to the project?
  • a. 8 channels
  • b. 10 channels
  • c. 18 channels
  • d. 20 channels

Question 17

The project has four people on it. Four more are added. What is the total number of communication channels added to the project??
  • a. 6 channels
  • b. 22 Channels
  • c. 56 Channels
  • d. 10 Channels

Question 18

A team member is visiting a manufacturing plant of one of the suppliers. Which of the following is the MOST important thing to be done in any telephone calls the project manager might make to the team member?
  • a. Ask the team member to repeat back what the project manager says
  • b. Review the list of contact information for all stakeholders
  • c. Ask the team member to look for change request
  • d. Review the upcoming meeting schedule

Question 19

A project manager has a project team consisting of people in four countries. The project is very important to the company, and the project manager is concerned about its success. The length of the project schedule is acceptable. What type of communication should he use?
  • a. Informal verbal communication
  • b. Formal written communication
  • c. Formal verbal communication
  • d. Informal written communication

Question 20

A project manager overhears a conversation between two stakeholders who are discussing how unhappy they are with the impacts of the project on their own departments. Stakeholder A asks if the project is on time, and stakeholder B replies that the SPI is 1.05. Stakeholder A asks if the project manager for the project knows of stakeholder B’s concern. Stakeholder B responds that he is not sure. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do?
  • a. Make sure the stakeholders see that the project manager overheard. Then ask them to direct any questions to the project manager in writing
  • b. Make a presentation to all the stakeholders regarding the status of the project
  • c. Send both stakeholders a copy of the issue log and ask for additional comments
  • d. Arrange a meeting with both stakeholders to allow them to voice any concerns they may have
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