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Int 2

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Question 1

All of the following are parts of Direct and Manage Project Work EXCEPT:
  • a. Identifying changes
  • b. Using a work breakdown structure
  • c. Implementing corrective actions
  • d. Setting up a project control system

Question 2

Integration is done by the:
  • a. Project manager
  • b. Team
  • c. Sponsor
  • d. Stakeholders

Question 3

All of the following are parts of an effective change management plan EXCEPT:
  • a. Procedures
  • b. Standards for reports
  • c. Meetings
  • d. Lessons learned

Question 4

A Change Control Board (CCB) is:
  • a. A formally constituted group of stakeholders responsible for ensuring that only a minimal amount of changes occur on the project.
  • b. An formal and informal group that has oversight of project implementation.
  • c. A formally chartered group responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving, or rejecting changes to the project, and for recording and communication such decisions.
  • d. A dashboard that provides integrated information to help control changes to cost, schedule and specifications.

Question 5

Actions and activities that are necessary to satisfy completion or exit criteria for the project, and to confirm that the project has met all sponsor, customer, and other stakeholders’ requirements, are addressed:
  • a. As part of Close Project or Phase process.
  • b. Following the plan as outlined to the Quality Management process.
  • c. As requested by upper management.
  • d. As the last step of executing a project.

Question 6

A project management plan should be realistic in order to be used to manage the project. Which of the following is the BEST method to achieve a realistic project management plan?
  • a. Sponsor creates the project management plan based on input from the project manager.
  • b. Functional manager creates the project management plan based on input from the project manager.
  • c. Project manager creates the project management plan based on input from senior management
  • d. Project manager creates the project management plan based on input from the team

Question 7

All of the following are characteristics of the project charter EXCEPT:
  • a. It is the document that formally authorizes a project.
  • b. It is issued by a project initiator or sponsor external to the project organization, at a level that is appropriate to funding the project.
  • c. It is used primarily to request bids for different phases of a project.
  • d. It provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.

Question 8

Configuration management system involves which of the following as related to project management?
  • a. A thorough Change Control System to ensure the project produces the desired results
  • b. A system used to store versions of software code
  • c. A system used to store versions of documentation on a project
  • d. A piece of an automated Project Management system used to set up project variables

Question 9

Each time that someone requests a change to the project, the project manager calls a meeting of the project team and several stakeholders to evaluate it. This demonstrates:
  • a. A collaborative style of management.
  • b. Withdrawal project manager.
  • c. The lack of a change control system.
  • d. The lack of a project management information system.

Question 10

The process of reviewing and reporting progress, in order to understand the state of the project is:
  • a. Distribute information and reports
  • b. Perform Integrated Change Control
  • c. Manage Communications
  • d. Monitor and Control Project Work

Question 11

Perform Integrated Change Control process includes all of the following change management activities EXCEPT:
  • a. Reviewing and approving requested changes.
  • b. Resource leveling all over the project.
  • c. Maintaining the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes for incorporation into project products or services, and maintaining their related configuration and planning documentation.
  • d. Controlling and updating the scope, cost, budget, schedule, and quality requirements based upon approved changes, by coordinating changes across the entire project.

Question 12

Which of the following is not an input to Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?
  • a. Issue log
  • b. Change log
  • c. Change management plan
  • d. Change request

Question 13

Organizational Process Assets that are updated during the Close Project or Phase process are:
  • a. Project charter, business case.
  • b. Project management plan, expert judgment.
  • c. Project management plan, change management documentation.
  • d. Project charter, resource calendar

Question 14

Approved change requests are an output of:
  • a. Perform Integrated Change Control.
  • b. Develop Project Management Plan.
  • c. Direct and Manage Project Work.
  • d. Monitor and Control Project Work.

Question 15

All of the following would be included in the project management plan except…
  • a. Budget Management Plan
  • b. Schedule Management Plan
  • c. Scope Management Plan
  • d. Risk Management Plan

Question 16

A work authorization system can be used to:
  • a. Manage who does each activity
  • b. Manage what time and in what sequence work is done
  • c. Manage when each activity is done
  • d. Manage who does each activity and when it is done

Question 17

If you are creating a single document to guide project execution, monitoring and control, and closure, you are creating: PMBOK p86
  • a. The execution management plan.
  • b. The project management plan.
  • c. The integration management plan.
  • d. The project management integration.

Question 18

Effective project integration usually requieres an emphasis on:
  • a. The personal careers of the team members
  • b. Timely updates to the project management plan
  • c. Consolication and communications at key interface points
  • d. Product control

Question 19

Producing a project plan may BEST be described as:
  • a. Creating a network logic diagram that identifies the critical path.
  • b. Using a software tool to track schedule, cost, and resources.
  • c. Creating a document that guides project plan execution.
  • d. Creating a set of documents that contains the entire product scope.

Question 20

Approved change request is an input to:
  • a. Validate scope
  • b. Direct and Manage Project Work
  • c. Develop Project charter
  • d. Develop Schedule
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