Intro 1

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Intro 1

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Question 1

Which of the following describes how a project is?
  • a. Changes in project scope during the initial phases of the project are very expensive
  • b. The influence of the stakeholders is the same all through the project.
  • c. Staffing peaks up during the execution phase of a project.
  • d. The detailed budget can be defined from the beginning of these project

Question 2

A common title for the project manager’s role in a projectized organization is:?
  • a. Project Manager. Correcta
  • b. Project Coordinator.
  • c. Project Coach.
  • d. Project Expediter.

Question 3

Ongoing operations and projects both have Initiating Processes, but only a project has __________.
  • a. Planning Processes Incorrecta
  • b. Closing Processes.
  • c. Controlling Processes
  • d. Executing Processes

Question 4

A construction project has just completed the initiating process group. Planning is ready to begin. Which of the following has the project team just completed and which is the team ready to start?
  • a. The project management plan and project execution
  • b. The project charter and project management plan Correcta
  • c. The project execution and monitoring and controlling
  • d. The charter and planning

Question 5

A market demand, a business need, and/or legal requirement are examples of:
  • a. Reasons to hire a project manager
  • b. Reasons projects are iniciated Correcta
  • c. Reasons people or businesses become stakeholders
  • d. Reasons to sponsor a project

Question 6

A primary function of a project management office (PMO) is to support the project manager in a variety of ways which generally includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  • a. Delivering specific project objectives and controlling the assigned project resources to best meet objectives of the project
  • b. Managing shared resources across all projects administered by the PMO
  • c. Identification and development of project management methodology, best practices and standards.. Incorrecta
  • d. Coaching, mentoring, training and oversight.

Question 7

A program is a:
  • a. Grouping of related tasks lasting one year or less.
  • b. Group of related projects managed in a coordinated way. Correcta
  • c. Project with a cost over $1 million.
  • d. Sequence of steps constituting a project

Question 8

A project is:
  • a. A set of sequential activities performed in a process or system.
  • b. A revenue-generating activity that needs to be accomplished while achieving customer satisfaction.
  • c. A ongoing endeavor undertaken to meet customer or market requirements.
  • d. A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result Correcta

Question 9

A company is making an effort to improve its project performance and create historical records of past projects. What is the best way to accomplish this?
  • a. Create Project management plans
  • b. Create lessons learned Correcta
  • c. Create network diagrams
  • d. Create status reports

Question 10

Which of the following is not an organizational process asset that is used during the Plan Resource Management process?
  • a. Template for Bill of Materials
  • b. Template for position descriptions
  • c. Standardized role descriptions
  • d. Stakeholder register Correcta
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