Intro 2

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Intro 2

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Question 1

All of the following statements about the level of authority of the project manager are true EXCEPT:?
  • a. In a functional organization, the project manager has little or no authority.
  • b. In Virtual, the project manager role is really strong, using technology to support the team.
  • c. The balanced matrix organization does not provide the project manager with the full authority over the project and project funding.
  • d. Authority of the project manager is low in a strong matrix organization. Correcta

Question 2

The Project Charter formally authorizes a project. Who authorizes the project charter?
  • a. Project Manager
  • b. Sponsor Correcta
  • c. Functional Manager
  • d. Stakeholder

Question 3

In a incremental life cycle, the deliverable
  • a. Is produced through a series of iterations that successively add functionality within a flexible time frame periods, depending of the customer needs. The deliverable is considered incomplete after the final iteration.
  • b. Is produced through a series of iterations that successively add functionality within a predetermined time frame. The deliverable is considered complete only after the final iteration.
  • c. Is a combination of different approaches, depending of the product life cycle.
  • d. Is created as a result of the scope, time and cost definition, done at the beginning of the planning phase.

Question 4

In a functional organization, what is the role of the project’s sponsor during project execution processes??
  • a. Managing integrated change control process.
  • b. Communicating with the project stakeholders.
  • c. Providing project status to management.
  • d. Helping the project manager resolve issue. Correcta

Question 5

All of the following are performed in the Executing Process Group EXCEPT:?
  • a. Completing the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project specifications.
  • b. Coordinating the implementation of Project Knowledge Management process
  • c. Integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan.
  • d. Finalizing all activities across all Project Management Process Group to formally complete appropiate project phases or contractual obligations. Correcta

Question 6

Different or conflicting objectives among project stakeholders:
  • a. Should be encouraged. Incorrecta
  • b. Should be ignored.
  • c. Can make it difficult for project managers to manage stakeholder expectations.
  • d. Generally makes it easy for project managers to manage stakeholder expectations.

Question 7

If a Project manager is working in a weak matrix organization, which of the following is INCORRECT?
  • a. The Project manager is not directly in charge of the Project resources.
  • b. Only the Project manager is responsible for the success or failure of the Project. Correcta
  • c. The Project team members report to functional managers.
  • d. Functional managers make decision that can affect the Project.

Question 8

Company procedures require the creation of a lessons learned document. Which of the following is the BEST use of lessons learned??
  • a. Implement a continous improvement approach Correcta
  • b. Planning team recognitions for the current project
  • c. Informing the team about what the project manager has done
  • d. Informing the team about the project management plan

Question 9

A project manager was asked by the project management office to make a presentation on project management to company employees in attendance. He made an incorrect statement about projects. Which one is it?
  • a. Current project may have an impact on future projects in the same organization.
  • b. Projects need to be elaborated as they progress.
  • c. Completing projects on time and within budget always satisfies project stakeholders.
  • d. Projects that do not get a project manager assigned formally may succeed. Incorrecta

Question 10

Which is one of the main objectives of Program Management?
  • a. To develop a history management of the project plans.
  • b. Measure the success of the configuration management plan implemented.
  • c. Ensure project competition and develop reports related to the project expenses.
  • d. Focuses on the project inter-dependencies and define the optimal approach to coordinate the projects included in order to attain business objectives. Correcta

Question 11

All of the following are generally true about the Project Management Office (PMO) EXCEPT:?
  • a. It may provide project management support functions.
  • b. It should define how to attain the goals of the project
  • c. It may provide training, software, standardized policies, and procedures.
  • d. It may be responsible for achieving the results of the project. Incorrecta

Question 12

During a project update meeting for the key stakeholders, the schedule of some project activities was challenged. The VP Operations challenged that some of the critical path activities cannot be executed as scheduled as they will disturb critical operations. The VP has requested rescheduling of these tasks so that they are carried out during the non-working times of the business. What should the project manager do first?
  • a. Analyze the impact of change. Correcta
  • b. Record the issue in the issue log.
  • c. Send the change request to the change control board for the approval.
  • d. Produce a change request.

Question 13

All of the following can be the responsibilities of a Project Management Office (PMO) Except?
  • a. Developing and maintaining centralized Project repository.
  • b. Training, coaching, mentoring and evaluating Project managers.
  • c. Developing and managing Project management standards.
  • d. Identify the key project stakeholders. Correcta

Question 14

All of the following are characteristics of a project EXCEPT?
  • a. Temporary.
  • b. Definite beginning and end.
  • c. Interrelated activities.
  • d. Repeats itself every month Correcta

Question 15

Consideration of ongoing operations and maintenance is crucially important to products of projects. Ongoing operations and maintenance should:
  • a. Be included as activities to be performed during project closure
  • b. Have a separate phase in the project life cycle, because a large portion of life cycle costs is devoted to maintenance and operations
  • c. Not be viewed as part of a project. A project is temporary with a definite beginning and end Correcta
  • d. Be viewed as a separate project

Question 16

Choose the right sentence:
  • a. Program and project management focus on doing programas and projects the right way and Portfolio management focuses on doing the right programs and projects
  • b. Program and project management do not focus on doing programas and projects the right way and Portfolio management focuses on doing the right programs and projects
  • c. Portfolio management focuses on finish programs and projects on time and budget
  • d. Program and Project management focus on document programs and projects on the right way and Portfolio management focuses on doing the right programs and projects

Question 17

In a travel agency upgrade project the Project Manager has been extremely busy. Senior management has begun to become more involved. What is the typical role of Senior Management on a project??
  • a. Pays for it
  • b. Ask for reports
  • c. Resolves resource and other conflicts
  • d. Supports the project, explain the corporate stratehy and resolves resource and other conflict Correcta

Question 18

In a project oriented organization, the project team:?
  • a. Reports to many bosses
  • b. Has no loyalty to the project
  • c. Reports to the functional manager
  • d. Will not always have a "home" at the end of the project

Question 19

All of the following are characteristics of a program EXCEPT:
  • a. Temporary
  • b. It has a larger scope and more benefits than a project.
  • c. Success is measured by the degree to which it satisfies the needs of business objectives.
  • d. It is a group of unrelated projects, subprograms and activities. Correcta

Question 20

For a large, complex project with cross functional project needs, the following organizational structure gives considerable authority to the project manager:
  • a. A strong matrix organization.
  • b. A balanced matrix organization.
  • c. A virtual structure
  • d. A functional organization.

Question 21

Which of the following is an example of enterprise environmental factor?
  • a. Configuration management knowledge base.
  • b. Procurement procedures.
  • c. Historical information.
  • d. Commercial databases. Correcta

Question 22

For a project to be successful, the project team must generally do all of the following EXCEPT:
  • a. Define the management approach: predictive or adaptive, depending of the uncertainty of the environment.
  • b. Balance the competing demands of scope, time, cost, quality, resources, and risk to produce a quality product.
  • c. Apply all processes within the Project Management Process Groups uniformly to meet the project objectives. Correcta
  • d. Select appropriate processes within the Project Management Process Groups that are required to meet the project objectives.

Question 23

The Project Benefit Management Plan:
  • a. Is the detailed description of the deliverables in each project phase.
  • b. Is not necessary if the project will be contract providers to develop the main deliverables
  • c. Is similar to budget plan.
  • d. Describe how and when the benefits of the project will be delivered. Correcta

Question 24

Names like Design, Test, Feasibility Study are examples of:
  • a. Phase gate
  • b. Phase Correcta
  • c. Kill point
  • d. Stage gate

Question 25

In considering the triple constraint for a project, which of the following would the team find of most importance??
  • a. Time then Scope then Cost
  • b. Quality then Time then Cost
  • c. Scope
  • d. They are all of equal importance unless otherwise stated
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