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a memorization quiz for general epistles class

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Question 1

For what I [blank_start]recieved[blank_end] I [blank_start]passed[blank_end] on to you as of first [blank_start]importance[blank_end]: that Christ died for our sins [blank_start]according to the Scriptures[blank_end], that he was [blank_start]buried[blank_end], that he was [blank_start]raised[blank_end] on the [blank_start]third[blank_end] day according to the [blank_start]Scriptures[blank_end], and that [blank_start]he appeared[blank_end] to [blank_start]Cephas[blank_end], and then to the [blank_start]Twelve[blank_end]. After that, he appeared to [blank_start]more than five hundred[blank_end] of the brothers and sisters [blank_start]at the same time[blank_end], most of whom are [blank_start]still living[blank_end], though some have [blank_start]fallen asleep[blank_end]. Then he appeared to [blank_start]James[blank_end], then to all [blank_start]the apostles[blank_end], and [blank_start]last of all the appeared to me[blank_end] also, as to one [blank_start]abnormally born[blank_end]. For I am the least o the [blank_start]apostles[blank_end] and do [blank_start]not even deserve[blank_end] to be called an apostle, because [blank_start]I persecuted the church of God[blank_end]. But by the [blank_start]grace of God I am what I am[blank_end], and his [blank_start]grace to me was not without effect[blank_end]. No, I [blank_start]worked harder[blank_end] than all of them - [blank_start]yet not I[blank_end], but the [blank_start]grace of God[blank_end] that was with me. Whether, then, [blank_start]it is I or they[blank_end], this [blank_start]is what we preach[blank_end], and [blank_start]this is what you believed[blank_end].
  • recieved
  • passed
  • importance
  • according to the Scriptures
  • buried
  • raised
  • third
  • Scriptures
  • Cephas
  • he appeared
  • Twelve
  • more than five hundred
  • at the same time
  • still living
  • fallen asleep
  • James
  • the apostles
  • last of all the appeared to me
  • abnormally born
  • apostles
  • not even deserve
  • I persecuted the church of God
  • grace of God I am what I am
  • grace to me was not without effect
  • worked harder
  • yet not I
  • grace of God
  • it is I or they
  • is what we preach
  • this is what you believed

Question 2

2 Corinthians [blank_start]5:20-21[blank_end] We are [blank_start]therefore Christ's, ambassadors[blank_end], as though God were [blank_start]making his appeal through us[blank_end]. We [blank_start]implore[blank_end] you on [blank_start]Christ's behalf:[blank_end] Be [blank_start]reconciled to God[blank_end]. God made him who [blank_start]had no sin to be sin for us[blank_end], so that [blank_start]in him[blank_end] we might [blank_start]become the righteousness of God.[blank_end]
  • 5:20-21
  • therefore Christ's, ambassadors
  • making his appeal through us
  • implore
  • Christ's behalf:
  • reconciled to God
  • had no sin to be sin for us
  • in him
  • become the righteousness of God.

Question 3

Philippians 1:6 being [blank_start]confident of this[blank_end], that [blank_start]he who began a good work[blank_end] in you [blank_start]will carry it on to completion[blank_end] until the [blank_start]day of Christ Jesus.[blank_end]
  • confident of this
  • he who began a good work
  • will carry it on to completion
  • day of Christ Jesus.

Question 4

Philippians [blank_start]2:5-11[blank_end] In your [blank_start]relationships with one another[blank_end], have the same [blank_start]mindset as Christ Jesus[blank_end]: Who, [blank_start]being in very nature God[blank_end], did not c[blank_start]onsider equality with God[blank_end] something [blank_start]to be used to his own advantage[blank_end]; rather, [blank_start]he made himself nothing[blank_end] by taking the [blank_start]very nature of a servant[blank_end], being made in [blank_start]human likeness.[blank_end] And being [blank_start]found in appearance as a man,[blank_end] he [blank_start]humbled himself[blank_end] by [blank_start]becoming obedient to death[blank_end] - [blank_start]even death on a cross![blank_end] Therefore [blank_start]God exalted him to the highest place[blank_end] and gave him the [blank_start]name that is above every name[blank_end], that at the [blank_start]name of Jesus every knee should bow[blank_end], in [blank_start]heaven and on earth and under the earth[blank_end], and every [blank_start]tongue acknowledge[blank_end] that [blank_start]Jesus Christ is Lord[blank_end], to the [blank_start]glory of God the Father.[blank_end]
  • 2:5-11
  • relationships with one another
  • mindset as Christ Jesus
  • being in very nature God
  • onsider equality with God
  • to be used to his own advantage
  • he made himself nothing
  • very nature of a servant
  • human likeness.
  • found in appearance as a man,
  • humbled himself
  • becoming obedient to death
  • even death on a cross!
  • God exalted him to the highest place
  • name that is above every name
  • name of Jesus every knee should bow
  • heaven and on earth and under the earth
  • tongue acknowledge
  • Jesus Christ is Lord
  • glory of God the Father.

Question 5

Philippians [blank_start]3:10-11[blank_end] I [blank_start]want to know Christ[blank_end] - yes, to [blank_start]know the power of his resurrection[blank_end] and [blank_start]participation in his sufferings[blank_end], becoming like [blank_start]him in his death[blank_end], and so, [blank_start]somehow[blank_end], [blank_start]attaining to the resurrection[blank_end] from the [blank_start]dead[blank_end].
  • want to know Christ
  • know the power of his resurrection
  • participation in his sufferings
  • him in his death
  • somehow
  • attaining to the resurrection
  • dead
  • 3:10-11

Question 6

Philippians [blank_start]4:13[blank_end] I [blank_start]can do all this[blank_end] through [blank_start]him who gives me strength[blank_end].
  • 4:13
  • can do all this
  • him who gives me strength

Question 7

Philippians [blank_start]4:19[blank_end] And [blank_start]my God will meet all your needs[blank_end] according to the [blank_start]riches of his glory in Christ Jesus[blank_end].
  • 4:19
  • my God will meet all your needs
  • riches of his glory in Christ Jesus
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