English Collocations in Use (Advanced) Unit 27 Sports

Csabi Berger
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This is practice material for Unit 27 of the book titled 'English Collocations in Use Advanced'

Csabi Berger
Created by Csabi Berger about 4 years ago
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Question 1

When Paul decided to take ... the challenge of doing extreme sports, he quickly acquired a taste ... rock-climbing.
  • on - at
  • on - in
  • up - for
  • up - in

Question 2

The forwards of the national football team ... a blinder even though the defence wasn't so strong.
  • threw
  • took
  • hit
  • played

Question 3

After one of their players got hurt by the opponent, Malaysia ... a penalty.
  • was awarded
  • was given
  • was received
  • was granted

Question 4

When the match begins, the players ... to stand for the national anthem.
  • went on the pitch
  • take the field
  • go the pitch
  • approach the field

Question 5

Although Rwanda ... an excellent performance throughout the qualifiers, it came fourth and could not qualify for the World Cup.
  • put up
  • put off
  • put in
  • put forward

Question 6

1. On the last match day of the qualifiers, Kowalski [blank_start]secured[blank_end] a convincing victory for Poland. 2. The semi-final [blank_start]stood[blank_end] at 3-0 when the players went on a half time break. 3. Peterson [blank_start]scored[blank_end] an own goal in the 48th minute which struck everyone in the defence. 4. However hard he tried and [blank_start]summoned[blank_end] up the energy to go to the gym every other day, he failed after two weeks. 5. As soon as I [blank_start]got[blank_end] the hang of it, baseball seemed a pretty enjoyable sport to me. 6. Many people were dreaming of becoming captain so Thierry [blank_start]jumped[blank_end] at the chance and accepted when he was offered the title. 7. The Wilkins brothers couldn't be defeated even if all the world's best boxers [blank_start]pushed[blank_end] themselves to the limits. 8. I [blank_start]had[blank_end] a whale of time when I was on holiday for two weeks, but now it's time I got back to work again. 9. The noises from the stadium sounded as if the crowd [blank_start]went[blank_end] wild after each and every goal scored. 10. In the second half, it was high time the Brazilian team [blank_start]broke[blank_end] through the Panamanian defence.
  • secured
  • scored
  • summoned
  • got
  • jumped
  • pushed
  • had
  • stood
  • went
  • broke

Question 7

Which of the following verbs collocate with 'penalty'?
  • play
  • miss
  • award
  • go
  • run

Question 8

Is 'have a whale of time' a positive or a negative feeling?
  • positive
  • negative
  • neither

Question 9

When I push myself to the limits, I'm almost giving up because I have tried so hard.
  • True
  • False

Question 10

A match normally ends with the players taking the field.
  • True
  • False

Question 11

The water polo match last weekend was hilarious. Although there was [blank_start]precious[blank_end] little change of my favourite Croatian team to win the tournament, we fans out there were all pushing ourselves to the [blank_start]limits[blank_end] to cheer for them as much as we could. We were truly having a [blank_start]whale[blank_end] of time until one of hour players got hurt. Although the team was [blank_start]awarded[blank_end] a penalty, he couldn't recover and the team had to continue with a smaller number of players, but still managed to [blank_start]put[blank_end] up a determined performance. Sitting in the crowd reaching [blank_start]fever[blank_end] pitch every time they scored was an amazing feeling, but all of us went completely [blank_start]wild[blank_end] when our player Rokovicz scored an [blank_start]own[blank_end] goal. We'd all forgiven him, however, the opponent team jumped at the [blank_start]chance[blank_end] and quickly broke [blank_start]through[blank_end] our defence in the last minutes.
  • precious
  • valuable
  • dear
  • best
  • bounds
  • limits
  • border
  • ceiling
  • dolphin
  • whale
  • shark
  • salmon
  • trout
  • awarded
  • got
  • received
  • not
  • take
  • show
  • put
  • hold
  • send
  • fever
  • utter
  • complete
  • total
  • high
  • sad
  • desperate
  • tough
  • wild
  • own
  • individual
  • incredible
  • ultimate
  • gap
  • chance
  • players
  • illusion
  • situation
  • down
  • up
  • apart
  • through
  • off

Question 12

I find it extremely difficult to ... my balance between sports and my job.
  • hold
  • keep
  • obtain
  • retain

Question 13

The referee decided on giving three free ... to the Albanian team.
  • hits
  • beats
  • kicks
  • goals

Question 14

With amazing offensive strategy, the team secured a ... victory for their country.
  • persuading
  • winning
  • triumphing
  • convincing

Question 15

What can you see in the following picture?
  • penalty

Question 16

This crowd is ... .
  • going wild

Question 17

This person is incapable of ... up the energy to keep working.
  • summoning

Question 18

The score at 9:10 is ... at 10-6.
  • standing

Question 19

I had never [blank_start]done[blank_end] extreme sports before, but the moment I saw my best friend do ski-jumping, I acquired a [blank_start]taste[blank_end] for winter sports in general. This has been the third year that I've [blank_start]taken[blank_end] up the challenge of skiing, and I'm sort of getting the [blank_start]hang[blank_end] of it. My goal is to show all those former classmates of mine who were playing a [blank_start]blinder[blank_end] at school in the ice rink that I'm just as good as they are. On the plus side, I also managed to keep in [blank_start]shape[blank_end] by going to the gym outside the snowy season. Although sometimes it takes me a lot of effort to [blank_start]summon[blank_end] up the energy even to get out of bed in cold weather, I usually have a [blank_start]whale[blank_end] of time at the gym with my pals and we all encourage each other to [blank_start]push[blank_end] ourselves to the limits every time. I hope I can jump at the [blank_start]chance[blank_end] when I'm invited for my next two-week skiing holiday, there's a precious [blank_start]little[blank_end] chance that there will be no snow in the Alps this winter.
  • done
  • taste
  • taken
  • hang
  • blinder
  • shape
  • summon
  • whale
  • push
  • chance
  • little