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How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
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Question 1

Kane Niyondagara has filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director after an experience with Ottawa police — one the force has chalked up to a case of mistaken identity. According to Niyondagara, what happened?
  • He was struck in the face, shocked with a stun gun and placed in handcuffs.
  • Officers burst into his townhouse without warning.
  • The force shared his photo with the media while searching for a hit-and-run suspect.
  • His phone was confiscated while it was being repaired.

Question 2

Frontenac Islands Mayor Judy Greenwood-Speers criticized Ontario's Ministry of Transportation this week for being "very closed-mouth" about the specific issues plaguing WHICH of the following?
  • Two ferries that have hardly transported any passengers.
  • Driving test centres that are dealing with lengthy backlogs.
  • Electric vehicle chargers in the region that keep malfunctioning.
  • A St. Lawrence River bridge the province wants to replace.

Question 3

Astrid Hobill criticized Queen's University for announcing a major rent hike for a longtime campus landmark. Which establishment could now be in danger of shutting down?
  • The Grad Club, a campus pub and hangout.
  • The Last Word, a student-run bookstore.
  • The Agnes Etherington Art Centre.
  • Frontenac Health, a community medical clinic.

Question 4

Coun. Riley Brockingon said this week that it was "completely not acceptable" that WHAT infrastructure project of importance to Carleton University students was being delayed because the opening of the north-south Trillium Line had also been pushed back?
  • A pedestrian bridge over the Rideau River.
  • The reopening of the university's main library.
  • Separated bike lanes connecting the campus with Old Ottawa South.
  • A new laboratory that measures seismic activity.

Question 5

The Chief William Commanda Bridge is set to reopen in the days ahead after being closed for the winter. But according to a City of Ottawa memo sent this week, what remains unclear about its future?
  • Whether skiing and other winter activities will be possible next year.
  • Whether using road salt would damage the structure.
  • Whether the current barriers will keep users safe.
  • Whether it will remain closed to motor vehicles.

Question 6

Col. Leif Dahl, the former commander of CFB Trenton, pleaded guilty Thursday in connection with a 2023 incident in which someone on the boat he was operating shot at wildlife. According to the agreed statement of facts, what did they fire at?
  • Either a loon or a cormorant.
  • Either a deer or an elk.
  • Either a rabbit or a stray cat.
  • Either a Canada goose or a wild turkey.

Question 7

Convicted murderer Denis Bégin was given an 18-month sentence Thursday after he admitted to escaping from prison in 2019. What other crime that occurred in 2023, just two months before Bégin was recaptured, is the Gatineau, Que., native considered a prime suspect in?
  • An arson in Old Montreal that caused the deaths of seven people.
  • An explosion that destroyed homes under construction in Orléans.
  • The fatal stabbing of two tourists outside a Mexico resort.
  • The heist of tens of thousands of gallons of maple syrup.

Question 8

Seven years after being convicted of first-degree murder, Ian Bush is seeking a new trial. Who was he found guilty of killing in 2017?
  • A retired judge, his wife and a family friend.
  • A family of new Canadians.
  • A church volunteer who was working alone downtown.
  • A teenager who'd cut him off with his scooter.

Question 9

Ottawa's ambulance dispatchers will soon have access to a new dispatch system, one that was recommended by a coroner's inquest two decades ago. What's been the big problem with the current system?
  • It declares too many calls to be high priorities.
  • Calls end up being dropped in rural parts of the city.
  • It often fails to dispatch the ambulance that's closest to the scene.
  • It's overly vulnerable to malware and other cyberattacks.

Question 10

What happened Friday afternoon near this intersection in Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood?
  • Police shot a 25-year-old woman.
  • Seven children were hurt when their school bus crashed.
  • A massive sinkhole opened and swallowed a car.
  • An explosion inside a house sent three people to hospital.
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