Intercultural Awareness (The Netherlands)

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This quiz will learn you a little bit more about how different cultures react and think about certain situations. For this quiz, we ask you to imagine that you are Dutch. This means that you have to answer the questions as an Dutch person would do. Afterwards, you can check your answers and the explanation why each nationality chooses for a specific answer. Good luck!

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Question 1

Recently one of your colleagues keeps leaving his teacups everywhere behind. It annoys you that the working place is getting messy. What would you do?
  • Each morning you take the elevator together with this person. This is the perfect occasion to address the issue and will make sure that no one is around when make an allusion to the office getting messier.
  • Although you are getting really upset you decide to tidy up yourself. You are hoping that your colleague will thereby change his attitude without you having to say anything about it.
  • This is unbearable; you immediately look for your colleague to tell him to stop this habit. You can actually see him chatting with a group of employees and decide to walk towards them to tell him how you feel.

Question 2

During a coffee break people suddenly start talking about their religious upbringing. The conversation becomes a real debate about beliefs, rituals and the meaning of spirituality. You are part of the group and:
  • Remain silent, religion is an intimate subject, you avoid sharing your feelings about it in public.
  • Are part of the conversation and even share some of your views without any trouble.
  • Unless religion has been in the news you do not find it an appropriate subject in the workplace and switch subject.

Question 3

You are a manager and you are in charge of operations. How will your communication with your employees look like?
  • You try to involve your employees and ask for their opinion about how to organise the work.
  • You give your employees your vision about how the work should be done, but you are open for suggestions to do it in other ways.
  • You give your employees clear instructions about how they must organise their work. You expect these to be followed.

Question 4

It’s 9 AM and you have a meeting scheduled at that time, where are you?
  • You have arrived 10 minutes earlier; you never take the risk to be late to appointments.
  • You are walking in at 9am sharp.
  • You have been delayed by other commitments and will arrive only when you are done although you might be later than the original time.

Question 5

Your work environment is mainly masculine but you noticed the arrival of new female associate at your work. She has the same title as you but works in another department. You are a man yourself. How will you greet her?
  • You wait for her to extend her hand and then shake her hand.
  • You give her a firm handshake, smile and say your last name.
  • You give her a handshake and introduce yourself with your last name and "nice to meet you".

Question 6

A supplier you have been working with for a long time is heavily negotiating for a price reduction. You have always been in good terms; your rapports have so far been very friendly.
  • Business is business. You have strict price lines to stick to and will defend your standpoint until you reach your objective even if this might force you to go to another supplier.
  • You are willing to modify your original price a bit to reach a consensus as long as it remains the limits of your budget.
  • Losing a supplier with whom you maintain a good relationship would be a shame. You will accept his offer even if you know you will struggle to cope for the cost loss.

Question 7

An acquaintance is searching for a job and you have a vacancy. You're not sure if he/she would be the right fit for the job. Would you offer him/her the job?
  • Absolutely not. If he/she want the job, he/she must follow the normal procedure for application.
  • Sure, why not? You will hire this person if you think he will be able to prove himself against the team.
  • Sure, why not? You'll think of a way to explain this to your boss and colleagues.

Question 8

What kind of qualities do you search for in your manager?
  • You search for someone who has experience, who is open to new ideas and has great leadership skills.
  • You want a manager who has seniority, a good education and experience.
  • You want a manager who you can respect, shows high levels of expertise in his own field and knows everyone's' job and how it should be done.

Question 9

A colleague you don’t know very well joins you at your table for lunch.
  • You like running and know that person is a runner too so you exchange a light talk about athletics. You recently ran a marathon in a very good time but will avoid mentioning it, you don’t like to bragger about your own performances.
  • You are interested to know more about that person’ children and family.
  • A generic conversation about the weather or work related matters will do.

Question 10

It's your first day at the company. What will you wear?
  • You dress conservatively and avoid wearing jeans.
  • It depends on the industry. It's even possible to see your boss in jeans and sweater.
  • Dress as conservative as possible. If you are a woman you try to cover your upper-arms and legs.

Question 11

ongratulations, you have come to the end of this quiz. After pressing on the button in the bottom right, you will be able to see your results. We strongly encourage you to check your answers and the explanation behind them. For every question, it is explained how every nationality would react and why. In the near future, you will regularly receive news letters who will inform you of upcoming events in each culture. The purpose of these news letters is to inform you more about special cultural events in each culture, such as Diwali for the Indian culture or "Sinterklaas" for the Belgian culture[blank_start].[blank_end]
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