OCR history GCSE Paper 1 - The cold war, America, Cuban Missile crisis and Vietnam

Katie Wootten
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Quiz on OCR history GCSE Paper 1 - The cold war, America, Cuban Missile crisis and Vietnam, created by Katie Wootten on 12/08/2015.

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Katie Wootten
Created by Katie Wootten over 3 years ago
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Question 1

February 1945 - The [blank_start]Yalta[blank_end] Conference. [blank_start]Churchill[blank_end] (Britain PM), [blank_start]Roosevelt[blank_end] (USA) and Stalin (USSR) hold a conference to decide what to do when [blank_start]Germany[blank_end] is defeated.
  • Yalta
  • Churchill
  • Roosevelt
  • Germany

Question 2

Check all the correct points. At the Yalta conference, the three leaders decided...
  • Germany would be split into 4 sections
  • The size of the reparations Germany would pay
  • That Berlin would be split into 3 sections
  • Stalin was not allowed a sphere of influence
  • To put Nazi war criminals to trial
  • Countries in Europe should be allowed free and fair elections

Question 3

By the time of the Potsdam conference, the US has a new leader, who is very pro-communist.
  • True
  • False

Question 4

In Potsdam, [blank_start]July[blank_end] 1945, the big three disagreed on the size of [blank_start]reparations[blank_end] for Germany, how much [blank_start]influence[blank_end] Russia was allowed, and how to divide Germany.
  • July
  • June
  • reparations
  • money donated
  • the trading restrictions
  • influence
  • weaponry
  • money

Question 5

What was the importance of the iron curtain speech that Churchill made?
  • It was the first time any of the big three had spoken publicly about the tension between USSR and the rest of the world.
  • Churchill was publicly showing his support for Stalin.
  • It showed how the big three were all still allies and supporting each other, despite the supposed tension.

Question 6

What was Marshall aid?
  • $17 billion from America to get Europe's economy going and to stop communism spreading.
  • $15 million from America to help Britain defeat Stalin

Question 7

What were 4 causes of the Berlin blockade in 1947?
  • The iron curtain speech made by Churchill in America. It was dubbed 'an act of aggression' by Stalin.
  • The truman doctrine, March 1947. $400 million to Turkey and Greece to stop them from becoming communist.
  • difference in aims between US, UK and USSR. UK and US wanted to help rebuild Germany, Stalin didn't.
  • A new currency threatened Stalin's ideal of a poor Germany.
  • Marshall aid, which gave $17 billion to Europe to help it rebuild it's economy
  • The joining of US and UK zones in Germany to create 'Bizonia'.