Identify the key words

Sarah Holmes
Quiz by , created almost 4 years ago

A 5 question quiz helping learners develop their ability to identify and interpret the key words used in the comparative questions on Paper 2 of the new Edexcel GCSE English Language exams.

Sarah Holmes
Created by Sarah Holmes almost 4 years ago
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Question 1

Choose from the drop-down menus to label this exam question with the correct interpretations of the key words.
  • Focus of question = discrimination
  • Focus of question = suffering
  • Things that are the same
  • Things that are different
  • Focus = discrimination
  • Focus = the writers
  • Must discuss both texts
  • Discuss one text in more detail
  • Direct quotes and reference
  • General comments
  • Quotes both texts to show similarities
  • Quote both texts to show differences
  • Write in PEED paragraphs
  • Use floating quotes

Question 2

When you see the word 'compare' in an exam question you are only being asked to write about the similarities bewteen the two texts.
  • True
  • False

Question 3

Which of the following words that appear in exam questions is telling you to focus on the writers' techniques in terms of language and structure?
  • How
  • Present
  • Compare
  • Ideas
  • Perspectives

Question 4

In the exam question opposite, what aspect of the text are you being asked to focus on?
  • Success and failure
  • the ideas of the writer
  • the perspectives of the writer

Question 5

Annotate this typical 7b question to show what the key words are telling you to write about.
  • Similarities and differences
  • Similarities only
  • Writers' techniques
  • The key points
  • Language and structure
  • How it looks
  • How they think
  • How they feel
  • Writer's attitudes and values
  • Writer's moral stance
  • Focus = racial discrimination
  • Focus = general discrimnation
  • Write in PEED paragraphs
  • Write a summary
  • Direct quotations
  • Paraphrase the text
  • Both texts equally
  • One text in more detail than other