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Created by lmg719 almost 6 years ago
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Question 1

Who is Candy?
  • An old man-Reduced to the meanest jobs on the ranch, that of a 'swamper' or a menial cleaner
  • The bosses son, an arrogant jelous small man. He is an ex boxer and has a reputation for fighting.
  • He is the Ranch 'stable buck' and cares for all the horses and mules on the ranch.
  • He is a 'Jerkline skinner' and is quoted as being the 'Prince of the ranch' because the rest of the worker look up to him.

Question 2

What does Candy warn Lennie and George about?
  • There is asbestos in the ceiling so the roof should not be disturbed
  • The pipes are lead so the some taps are not suitable for drinking from
  • Curley and his Rampant attitude
  • Not to mention about Carlsons mothers as he gets incredible touchy about the subject

Question 3

What does Candy allow Carlson to do?
  • To cover for him while he attends an important meeting with the boss
  • To borrow his Luger to be rid of the mouse infestiation
  • Shoot his pet dog as it is useless and smells bad

Question 4

How much does Candy pay in to be part of George and Lennie Dream?
  • $100
  • $50
  • $200
  • $300

Question 5

What does Candy discover in the barn?
  • Curleys dead wife
  • A dead puppy
  • A mouse infestation
  • Crooks dead on the floor

Question 6

Candy is decribed as being..
  • 'Got a crooked back from where a horse once hit him. The boss gives him hell when he's mad'
  • 'A tall, stoop shouldered old man', who had lost his right hand
  • 'small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features'.
  • 'A huge man.. Shapeless of face.. and he walked, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms.. hung loosely.'