Library Quiz

Lorraine Lees
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Library Quiz

Lorraine Lees
Created by Lorraine Lees almost 3 years ago
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Question 1

Where can you find links to free databases and online resources on our BUSAC library homepage?
  • Google Scholar.
  • Right-hand side of the homepage.
  • By searching for them on our catalogue.

Question 2

How can you join a local library (e.g. Surry Hills Library) in Sydney?
  • Go to a branch, with your passport.
  • Go to a branch, with your student ID and a copy of the proof of residence letter.
  • You cannot obtain membership as a temporary visitor.
  • Sign up online via their homepage.

Question 3

Where do you submit your assignments?
  • Hand in at the office during business hours.
  • By emailing lecturers directly.
  • BlackBoard.
  • Go to the library and hand assignment in to library staff.

Question 4

What is the best way to locate a book in the BU library collection if you don't understand the classification system?
  • Asking the lecturers.
  • Asking other students.
  • Asking the library staff for assistance.

Question 5

What is our policy on food and drinks in the BU building?
  • Strictly no food and drinks, only bottled water accepted.
  • Strictly no food, canned and bottled drinks are OK.
  • Small snacks and drinks allowed, as long as you dispose of the rubbish.
  • There isn't any policy on food and drinks.

Question 6

What is the correct way to borrow books in the library?
  • Check out the items at the circulation desk, using a student ID.
  • Self-check out items using the library website.
  • All books are not to be taken out of the library.
  • Take them out without checking them out and put them back whenever you like.

Question 7

Which of the following items on our catalogue can you borrow?
  • "The Wine Atlas of Australia and New Zealand" by James Halliday
  • "The Proposition" (2005)
  • "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin
  • "Ned Kelly Encyclopaedia" by Justin Corfield

Question 8

What happens if you return your items past the due date?
  • Your grades will be withheld until you return all overdue items and fines may apply.
  • Nothing, life goes on!
  • You fail your subjects.
  • All overdue items will have to be replaced with new ones.

Question 9

Which internet login do you have to use for your laptop in the library?
  • Academic internet access login (same as library computer logins).
  • BU Centre wifi and v3g3mit3 password.

Question 10

Why is it unwise to borrow items for another student?
  • It is illegal.
  • The system will not allow this.
  • You are accountable for books on your account if they are returned late or go missing.

Question 11

What is plagiarism?
  • Copying somebody's work without citing or crediting them in your own work.
  • Downloading an e-book illegally and using it as a source in your own work.
  • Borrowing other people's ideas and citing them in your references.

Question 12

This library operates according to a schedule. If you want to use the library outside of normal business hours, what should you do?
  • Walk in, turn the lights on and use the library if the building is open.
  • Wait patiently outside the building until a staff member arrives.
  • If the office is open, sign in upstairs with a staff member and then use the library.
  • Make an appointment with the librarian to use the library outside of business hours.

Question 13

What source should you NOT rely on while doing a research paper?
  • Scholarly journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Books and e-books
  • Something somebody said on Facebook

Question 14

Why is it a good idea to bring a USB drive to the library?
  • Just in case you want to listen to your own music while studying.
  • So you can lend it to your friends if they need it.
  • A USB drive is good as a backup option. The internet might drop out at the library and you might not be able to email your work. A USB stick allows you to save and transfer your work to the work stations, so you can print your work.

Question 15

If you require assistance with your writing skills, you should:
  • Contact your professor.
  • Have a friend look at your assignment.
  • Make an appointment with library staff to discuss your assignment (not at the last minute).
  • Contact office staff.

Question 16

What are the opening hours of the Library on Monday to Thursday?
  • 8:00am-5:00pm
  • 7:00am-9:00pm
  • 9:00am-8:30pm
  • 9:00am-5:00pm

Question 17

All usernames and passwords issued by BUSAC should be kept in a safe and accessible location (you may take a phone photo of the password paper issued by Pascal). If you lose this data, you will not have access to
  • BU Dorm wifi.
  • Desktop computers in the library.
  • Printing facilities in the library.
  • All wifi/printing/desktops.

Question 18

How can you print something out from your laptop?
  • Bring your laptop in to the Library and print out the document.
  • You cannot print out from your laptop.

Question 19

Which of the following is the most suitable option for accessing study spaces for group work?
  • Contact library staff, preferably the day before, to enquire about available spaces in the building for group study. We encourage you to use the library, but if we can find an available classroom for you it will minimise disruption to students studying quietly.
  • Go to a café.
  • Go to the library to practice your presentation.
  • Sit in the hallway outside the classrooms and talk.

Question 20

What is the opening time of the BU office and Library?
  • 7:00 am
  • 8:00am
  • 9:00am

Question 21

The library is a place for which of the following activities?
  • Having coffee and a meal and chatting with friends.
  • Having telephone calls to overseas friends/family.
  • Reading, quiet study and assignment work.
  • Having telephone calls provided students speak quietly.

Question 22

You need to attach a bibliography to your assignment before handing it in. What is a bibliography?
  • A list of required reading.
  • A list of the books/works referred to in a scholarly work.
  • A list of your favourite books.

Question 23

How should you request assignment assistance?
  • By emailing the office.
  • By emailing your teacher.
  • By emailing the librarian or by calling in to the library to arrange for assignment help.

Question 24

You are required to attach a cover sheet to the front of every assignment that you hand in. Where will you find the cover sheet?
  • You can devise your own cover sheet.
  • Ask in the office for a cover sheet.
  • You will find the cover sheets to download on Blackboard. There are different cover sheets for course assignments and internship assignments. Look for the Overview Sydney Academics file for the sheets.

Question 25

The following are statements about printing in the library. Please tick the correct answer.
  • The printing limit is 50 pages.
  • The printing defaults to double-sided paper.
  • Print as much as you like of anything.

Question 26

If you want to view the library's books on Australian art, which is the most effective strategy?
  • Type the words 'Australian art' into the library search bar - the results you see are all the books the library has.
  • Type the words 'Australian art' into the library search bar, and note the letter prefix of the results - the N section is where all of the library's art books (other than reserve or restricted) may be found. By going to this section and browsing the shelf, you will find more books than appear on the online catalog (for example, specific artists' books which do not have your genre search term in the title).