02_R_Spanish retailers gear up for Black Friday 2016

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Spanish retailers gear up for Black Friday 2016

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Spanish shoppers are [blank_start]embracing[blank_end] the concept of Black Friday. In 2012, a small group of Spanish stores first decided to introduce the idea of a pre-Christmas sale day [blank_start]mirroring[blank_end] America’s [blank_start]hugely[blank_end] popular Black Friday. In 2013 and 2014 they were joined by some of the country’s largest retailers, including department store chain El Corte Inglés, fashion giant Mango and several brands in the Inditex group – the parent company of clothing chain Zara. The event has been [blank_start]gaining[blank_end] traction ever since, and growing numbers of retailers are joining each year. Amazon said it is hoping to increase sales by 80% on 2015 figures, and to sell in excess of a million products in 24 hours. A company [blank_start]spokesman[blank_end] said that 560,000 units were sold during Black Friday 2015. The online retail giant is offering discounts on over 10,000 items until November 28. Furniture giant Ikea has already distributed special [blank_start]leaflets[blank_end] detailing its Black Friday offers on selected products. The discounts will be available from November 21 to 27 at stores, with some articles and furniture items marked down as much as 50%. Other brands prefer to keep their offers under wraps to [blank_start]drum[blank_end] up consumer interest. El Corte Inglés, Spain’s premier department store and a pioneer of Black Friday in Spain, has yet to reveal its plans, but did say its ticket sales service will enjoy 50% discounts from November 24 to 27. Fnac will [blank_start]launch[blank_end] its special offers this Friday, a full week before Black Friday, and extend them into Monday. The French company specialising in electronics and books has not yet revealed which items are going on sale. Toys 'R' us will take 50% off the price tag on a [blank_start]wide[blank_end] range of children’s products between November 21 and 27, and extend €10 tickets, [blank_start]redeemable[blank_end] for products, to customers who make [blank_start]purchases[blank_end] of €60 and over. Several brands are [blank_start]favouring[blank_end] online over in-store discounts. Casa del libro, the Spanish bookstore chain, is offering discounts of up to 70% on online purchases between November 21 and 28. Registered users of Nike’s website will get 30% off on their purchases, while Adidas is taking 20% off selected products available online.
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