Salesforce Admin 201 Exam Chunk 5 (126-155)

Brianne Wright
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Quiz on Salesforce Admin 201 Exam Chunk 5 (126-155), created by Brianne Wright on 11/22/2016.

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Brianne Wright
Created by Brianne Wright over 2 years ago
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Question 1

Which statement about products and price books is true? Choose 2 answers
  • price books that contain assets cannot contain products
  • the standard and list price for a product can be listed in multiple currencies
  • products without a price are automatically added to the standard price book
  • a product can have a different list price in different price books

Question 2

Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting? choose 3 answers
  • data fields
  • summarized totals
  • grand totals
  • summary formulas
  • group by field names

Question 3

__ bypass workflow on ___;__ on ___.
  • can, data loader, can't, import wizard
  • can't, data loader; can, import wizard

Question 4

Julie and Jim are both sales reps in your organization and are collaborating on an account "Squared Wireless." Jim currently owns the account, and Julie cannot view the record in Salesforce. Jim would like for Julie to have the ability to view and edit the "Squared Wireless" account record. All other account records owned by Jim should remain not visible to Julie. Account collaboration is rare within your organization. Julie and Kim are assigned the same role and profile. How can this be resolved in Salesforce?
  • create a criteria-based sharing rule to grant access to records as needed
  • add Julie and JIm to a public group "Sales Collaboration." Create a sharing rule that grants members of "Sales Collab" read/write access to account records owned by users in "Sales Collab."
  • Instruct JIm to manually share the account record
  • set the org-wide defaults for accounts to read only

Question 5

Sales reps at UC should not be able to create leads, delete their own accounts, or send mass emails. How can an admin meet these requirements?
  • change the OWD default settings
  • modify a standard profile
  • create a custom profile
  • create a sharing rule

Question 6

Customer Service reps must be able to create cases and edit cases that they own. However, they should not be able to view cases owned by any other users. Org-wide defaults for the case object must be set to which of the following?
  • private
  • not visible
  • public read/write
  • public read only

Question 7

4 types of actions that can appear in a workflow: (pick 4)
  • tasks
  • field updates
  • outbound messages
  • vlookup
  • email task

Question 8

Sales management at Universal Container needs to display the information below in each account record: amount of all closed-won opportunities, amount of all open opportunities. Which feature should a system admin use to meet this requirement?
  • roll-up summary fields
  • cross-object formula fields
  • calculated columns in the related list
  • workflow rules with field updates

Question 9

What setting is controlled by a user's profile? Choose 3 answers
  • feature license assignment
  • field-level security
  • assigned apps
  • locale settings
  • record type assignment

Question 10

The sales team at Universal Container wants an easy solution to gather customer requirements and share presentations with their customers. What should an admin do to help the sales team achieve this goal? Choose 2 answers
  • create opportunity teams for customers
  • add customers to private chatter groups
  • add customers to libraries
  • use chatter files to share presentations

Question 11

A time-dependent action is placed in the workflow queue when the record is created. When will the action be removed from the queue? Choose 2 answers
  • when a validation rule triggered for the record
  • when the action is deleted from the workflow queue
  • when another record triggers the same workflow rule
  • when the record no longer matches the rule criteria

Question 12

Universal Container needs to synchronize data between Salesforce and external financial system. How can a system admin accomplish this?
  • use an external ID field to match records between the systems
  • use the data loader to upsert Salesforce records into the financial system
  • use the data loader to match records between the systems
  • use the Excel connector to export records from both systems into Excel

Question 13

***Universal Containers set the organization-wide default for opportunities to private. Which record will an opportunity pipeline report return?
  • opportunities for the entire sales organization regardless of the user running the report
  • opportunities owned by the user running the report and users in the same role in the role hierarchy
  • opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy
  • opportunities for which the user running the report is also the account owner

Question 14

When a lead is converted and an opportunity record is created, which object is related to the new opportunity by default? Choose 2 answers
  • case
  • contact
  • account
  • lead

Question 15

What does the controlling field determine when field dependencies are being created?
  • the dependent fields that appear on a layout
  • the values that appear in the dependent field
  • the default value populated in the dependent field
  • the field-level-security for the dependent field

Question 16

The recruiting team at Universal Containers wants to be more proactive about renewing support plans with customers. They would like to support representative dedicated to each account to be notified a month before the account's support plan expires. What should an admin configure to meet this requirement?
  • auto-response rule
  • assignment rule
  • escalation rule
  • workflow rule

Question 17

Universal COntainer has a marketing team set up as a public group. A sales representative would like to engage the marketing team on one opportunity. What should the sales representatives do to ensure the marketing team can access the opportunity?
  • change the opportunity owner to the public group
  • add the public group to the opportunity team
  • manually share the record with the public group

Question 18

When should a system admin consider using the Salesforce AppExchange? Choose 2 answers
  • when looking for pre-built custom applications and tools
  • to submit ideas for Salesforce application enhancements
  • when standard Salesforce functionality needs to be extended
  • to find answers to Salesforce application questions

Question 19

Which feature license can be assigned to a user record in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers
  • service Cloud user
  • opportunity users
  • console user
  • knowledge user

Question 20

Universal Container has a private sharing model in which region sales managers are only allowed to view opportunities in their own regions. For reporting purposes, they additionally need read-only access to opportunities in other regions. What permission can a system admin enable to meet this requirement in the regional sales managers' customer profile?
  • "view all data"
  • "visible" for the sales app
  • "read" for opportunities
  • "view all" for opportunities

Question 21

What should be considered when configuring the lead conversion process? Choose 2 answers
  • roll-up summary lead fields can be mapped to custom contact fields
  • custom lead fields can be mapped to custom object fields
  • standard lead fields are automatically converted into account, contract, and opportunity fields
  • custom lead fields can be mapped to account, contact, and opportunity fields

Question 22

Use Import Wizard for five things only: accounts contacts leads solutions custom object records
  • true
  • false

Question 23

Which feature allows a user to group campaigns within a specific marketing program or initiative?
  • campaign influence
  • campaign members
  • campaign hierarchy
  • campaign lists

Question 24

When using sharing rules, what users can records be shared with? Choose 2 answers
  • public groups
  • profiles
  • roles and subordiantes
  • queues

Question 25

***Universal Container wants to ensure that users complete the standard industry field when creating a new account record. To address the concern, the admin set the Industry field as required. However, some users are still able to create a new account record without completing the Industry field. What should an admin do to troubleshoot the issue? Choose 2 answers
  • verify the Industry field is set as required on all the account page layouts assigned to the users
  • verify the users have Edit permission for accounts on their profiles
  • verify the users have the "Modify All Data" permissions for the account on their profiles
  • verify the field-level security for the industry field is not set to "read only" on the user profiles

Question 26

Jenny is a admin for Inspired Products, Inc (IPI). IPI's fiscal quarters are comprised of two four week months, and one five week month, beginning in January. IPI would like to report on their opportunity pipeline segmented by fiscal quarter. What does Jenny need to consider when configuring Salesforce?
  • fiscal year config is not required
  • custom fiscal years must be configured to suit IPI's needs. Once enabled, custom fiscal years CANNOT be disabled
  • standard fiscal years can be configured to suit IPI's needs

Question 27

A marketing user needs to create a new campaign, but eh "New" button is NOT visible from the campaign home page. The system admin has verified that the user has the "Create" profile permission for the campaign object. How should the system admin resolve the issue?
  • select the Marketing User check box in the user record
  • select the "Manage Campaign" profile permissions
  • add the "New" button to the page layout using the page layout editor
  • grant the user "Read" profile permissions for the Campaign object

Question 28

A system admin at Universal Containers created a custom object to capture custom feedback. How can the admin ensure that users have access to this new object?
  • add fields from the feedback object to the account page layout
  • create a role in the hierarchy to provide user access to the new object
  • create a lookup relationship from the account page to the feedback object
  • assign the feedback page layout to the appropriate user profiles

Question 29

What tab setting on a profile makes a tab NOT accessible on the All Tabs page or visible in any apps?
  • tab hidden
  • read-only
  • default on
  • default off

Question 30

A user is having trouble logging into Salesforce. The user's login history shows that this person has attempted to log in multiple times and has been locked out of the organization. How can the system admin help the user log into Salesforce? Choose 2 answers
  • send an email to user containing the user's password
  • login as the user and enter a new password
  • click "reset Password" on the user's record detail page
  • click unlock on the user's record detail page