SFDC App Builder 1 (26-50)

Connie Woolard
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SFDC App Builder 1 (26-50)

Connie Woolard
Created by Connie Woolard almost 3 years ago
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Question 1

Change Sets can be used to do all of the following, except? Choose 1 answer.
  • Deploy profile level settings for a component being deployed
  • Deploy changes to create a new Apex Class in production
  • Validate Dependencies that exist for a Custom Object
  • Deploy changes to rename a Custom Object in production

Question 2

Universal Systems measures it’s overall business efficiency through a single value called “Customer Stickiness Score”. What is the best way to represent this key value on a managerial dashboard?
  • VisualForce Page
  • Metric
  • Table
  • Chart

Question 3

As a developer at Global Insurance, you have determined that you need to store the following types of information: Prospects, Customers, Policies, Claims and Benefits. What statement is true in this situation?
  • Custom objects would need to be created to store this data
  • A mixture of standard and custom objects would be reuqired
  • Standard objects could store all of the required data
  • Customers could be stored in the Account standard object, but all other data would require custom objects.

Question 4

What ways can an approver receive an approval request?
  • Chatter Posts
  • All of the Above
  • Emails
  • Salesforce1 Notification

Question 5

You have a requirement to ensure that if the discount field on opportunity is greater than 30%, the record should be automatically submitted for Approval. Which of the following would help you meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers.
  • Process Builder
  • Approval Process
  • Workflow
  • Visual Workflow

Question 6

Your organisation has a real estate application and is requesting people that are interested in leasing apartments to send an email with their application attached and include in the email which apartment they are interested in. The leasing manager would like the email to be processed automatically if possible. What option would you suggest? Choose 1 answer
  • Develop an email service to process the email and attachment
  • Instead of using emails use Web to Case functionality
  • It is not possible to process an attachment automatically
  • Use the standard Wed to Lead functionality

Question 7

Global Insurance use Salesforce to manage claims on insurance policies. They would like on one page, to display claim details next to the related policy detail and details of the person insured. How can this be enabled?
  • It is not possible to display information in 3 columns
  • Create a Visualforce page that includes information from the 3 objects in 3 columns
  • Create a Force.com site page to display the information in 3 columns
  • Use a standard page layout with 3 columns and include the 3 objects

Question 8

What is true regarding page layouts? Choose 3 answers.
  • Filters can be applied to records displayed in a related list from a page layout
  • Different Page Layouts can be defined for different groups of users
  • Page Layouts can include a visualforce page
  • The order of related list fields can be controlled from a page layout

Question 9

You have been requested to configure the Salesforce system, so that an Account record that has Type field = ‘Internal’ must be visible to all users. The associated contacts and opportunities also need to become visible to everyone. How many Sharing rules would you define here?
  • Two
  • One
  • Not possible using Sharing Rules
  • Three

Question 10

You have defined a custom object ‘Shipment’ that has a lookup to another custom object ‘Service Level’. Only users with a manager role are allowed to select the ‘Expedited’ value in the Service Level lookup. How would you achieve this?
  • Optional Lookup Filter
  • Required Lookup Filter
  • Dependent Lookup
  • Validation Rule

Question 11

The Account Object has more than 100 custom fields created to store customer related data. There has been a lot of complaints regarding the usability of this object. You have decided to create a third column on the page layout, to reduce the need to scroll down the page. How can a third column be created?
  • Create a VisualForce Page
  • Program it in APEX
  • A third column is not possible
  • Choose the option in the page layout editor

Question 12

Global Insurance will use Salesforce to collect lead information from different sources. The information collected about a lead will vary greatly depending on if the lead is interested in life insurance or business insurance. What features would you suggest to use to configure Salesforce in this situation?
  • Record Types
  • Custom Objects
  • VisualForce Pages
  • Tab Settings

Question 13

When an opportunity is closed, you would like to automatically create custom object commission records. A commission record is generated for each account rep that was associated with the opportunity. The commission record has a value field which needs to be calculated based on the Account Rep role on the opportunity, time to close the deal and type and value of the opportunity. How could this be done?
  • Visualforce Page
  • Apex Trigger
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Workflow Rule

Question 14

Sporty Auto Loans uses a custom object to record loan details for customers. As part of the loan agreement, the agreed loan rate is stored. The loan rate cannot be modified after it is initally saved. What is the best way to meet this requirement?
  • Create a trigger to prevent changes to the loan rate
  • Use a validation rule using the ISNEW() function
  • Set the field to read only using field level security
  • Use a validation rule using ISNEW() and ISCHANGED() functions

Question 15

Universal Containers are planning a production release. What steps would not be part of the deployment plan? Choose 2 answers.
  • Manually migrate metadata not in the metadata API
  • Announce the deployment and ask users not to login
  • Update test coverage in production if test coverage is not sufficient
  • Create changesets to migrate metadata

Question 16

Which considerations does a developer need to keep in mind when creating a workflow rule? Choose 2 answers.
  • Each workflow rule applies to a single object
  • Workflow rules on custom objects can cause errors if the custom object is deleted
  • The order in which individual actions and types of actions are executed is guaranteed
  • Field update actions are always executed first

Question 17

It is not possible to change the data type for which of the following field types?
  • Encrypted
  • Auto Number
  • Formula
  • Rich Text Area
  • Fields marked as External IDs

Question 18

Which one workflow action cannot be automated using point and click through process builder?
  • Tasks
  • Email Alert
  • Outbound Message
  • Field Update

Question 19

If a standard lightning component is not available to meet business requirements, what should be the first action? Choose 1 answer.
  • Modify an existing component
  • Develop a custom component
  • Look on the AppExchange for a custom managed component
  • None of the Above

Question 20

You have defined a workflow to send out update field value of “Is Active” to ‘True’, when field value of “Subscription” is set to ‘Active’. Your colleague defined another workflow to update field value of “Subscription” to ‘Active’, when “Is Active” is set to ‘True’. What would occur in this case?
  • Second workflow definition will throw error, and won't be saved
  • Both workflow gets executed once
  • Salesforce org would exceed its limit for workflow time triggers per hour
  • Neither workflow are executed

Question 21

You need to route Opportunity approval requests to approvers based on the opportunity region and opportunity category. How can this be done?
  • Dynamic Approval Process
  • Matrix Approval Process
  • Serial Approval Process
  • Parallel Approval Process

Question 22

You would like to add a formatted textual description to your lightning page, what type of component would you use? Choose 1 answer.
  • Text
  • Description
  • Rich Text
  • Visualforce

Question 23

Your Salesforce organization uses a custom object to capture expense data. You are required to ensure that an expense record is only visible to the respective record owners, and those above him/her in the management hierarchy. Which of these items would you need to configure? (Select 2)
  • Permission Sets
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Expense Sharing Rule (Custom Object Sharing Rule)
  • Organization wide Sharing defaults
  • Profiles

Question 24

There are 3 custom objects, Position, Job Application and Candidate. Lookup relationships have been created from Job Application to Position and Job Application to Candidate. What are valid reasons for creating lookup relationships instead of master detail relationships? Choose 3 answers.
  • A total field for the number of applications for each position is required on the position object
  • Job applications may be processed in a queue
  • The owner of the job application could be different tot he owner of the position record
  • The Position object may already have a master detail relationship defined.

Question 25

It is required to define an “Update Payment” feature for a custom object, which users can access on Salesforce1. Clicking the ‘Update Payment’ must allow the user to update the Status field on a custom object, as well as enter comments. What is the best tool you have to achieve this?
  • Visualforce
  • Quick Actions
  • Workflow
  • Detail Page Links
  • Detail Page Button