IBM Integration Bus V10 Application Development

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IBM Integration Bus V10 Application Development

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Question 1

Which operating system requires an MQ Queue Manager when running IBM Integration Bus?
  • Z/OS
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • Microsoft Windows

Question 2

A developer needs to create a message flow that will read messages from a JMS provider and output then unchanged to an IBM MQ queue. What nodes are needed in the message flow?
  • MQInput and MQOutput only
  • JMSHeader and MQOutput
  • MQJMSTransform and JMSOutput
  • MQInput, JMSMQTransform and MQOutput

Question 3

Which IBM supplied messages can be imported to create a new message definition file?
  • TDS
  • MRM
  • BLOB
  • SOAP

Question 4

While creating an integration transformation service with IBM Integration Bus which scenario can not use the graphical data mapper?
  • XML to non – XML data mapping.
  • SQL sub – queries to fields on the Output tree.
  • Environment variable to a field on the output tree.
  • Simple database insert, update and delete operations.

Question 5

To monitor the speed at which integration flows are processing messages, the message flow notification threshold has been configured in Workload management with additional instances, commitInterval and commitCount. However, no notification messages are received. What property was not set?
  • startMode
  • processing timeoutSec
  • processing timeoutAction
  • notification ThresholdMsgsPerSec

Question 6

An IBM Integration Bus developer is testing Integration flow with the Flow exerciser by processing the different messages through the flow and recording each one of them. At a later time, the developer would like to see the state of the local message tree for each message instance. How can this be done?
  • By selecting the connector highlighted in red.
  • The developer can only view the last message processed.
  • By right-clicking message flow → properties → show recorded messages.
  • By selecting “send a message to the flow” and selecting the recorded message.

Question 7

How would a developer record and save the snapshot of a message and LocalEnvironment and the display and replay the message in the Toolkit?
  • Run a user trace.
  • Use record and replay
  • Use the flowexerciser
  • Insert a trace node in the message flow.

Question 8

When a developer needs to use the same Java classes in multiple solutions, how should those classes stored for maximizing reuse?
  • Application
  • Static library
  • Shared Library
  • Message Flow project

Question 9

Which keyword in the declare statement allows User-defined properties to be used as variables in ESQL?
  • SET

Question 10

Which node can be used to generate an exception and force an error path through the message flow?
  • Trace Node
  • Throw Node
  • Validate Node
  • TryCatch Node

Question 11

When message flow processing has paused at a breakpoint in the message flow, which of the following is true for the Flow Debugger?
  • The user can examine the message content.
  • Breakpoints can only be removed one by one.
  • The user can update the structure of the message trees and reference variables.
  • Variables view in the Debug perspective shows Java static variables.

Question 12

How can the Eclipse error logs in the Toolkit be viewed?
  • Error log view in the Toolkit
  • Problems view in the Toolkit
  • Select integration flow -> error log
  • Right-click Application container in Toolkit -> Error logs

Question 13

Websphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) data may be cached in the IBM Integration bus (IIB) Integration Node. How can updates made to WSRR be reflected in the IIB cache?
  • IIB WSRR cache can be pre-loaded based on query files but may not be updated.
  • JMS subscriptions may be set up for the WSRR Configurable Service for cache updates.
  • The cache can only be updated at specific intervals based on the timeout value set in the configurable services.
  • The caching may be turned off. This is the only way the changes in WSRR may be reflected in the Integration Node directly.

Question 14

A developer wants to convert a single project with no references to an application. What step needs to be taken after importing the project?
  • With the project selected, File -> export -> Application
  • With the project selected, File-> save-as -> Application
  • Run command mqsimigratecomponents against project.
  • Right click project and select Convert to application or library -> Convert single project.

Question 15

What is the difference between setting security on the MQInput Node and the PEP Node?
  • There is no functional difference between the two, it is more of a design option.
  • Security Profile can be overwritten on the BAR file for PEPNode but not for the MQInput Node.
  • The PEP Node can not be used in a message flow unless the MQInput Node has security... turned on.
  • The MQInput Node validates the authentication of the input message before it is processed by the flow, the PEP Node processes messages inside the flow.

Question 16

In a Compute Node the Transaction mode is set to automatic and the "Throw exception on database error” is unchecked. How can the developer check on specific SQL codes and control the Commit or Rollback of the transaction from the ESQL Compute module?
  • Check the SQLCODE and conditionally return false for handling Rollback or return true for further processing.
  • “Throw exception on database error" should never be unchecked when the Transaction mode is set to automatic.
  • Check the SQLCODE and conditionally THROW an exception for handling Rollback or return true for further processing.
  • Check the SQLCODE and conditionally run the ESQL function ROLLBACK or COMMIT for handling ROLLBACK or COMMIT respectively.

Question 17

How can a developer configure IBM Integration Bus to use an external Operational Decision Manager (ODM) engine?
  • No changes need to be made in the DecisionService Node.
  • When starting the broker specify the DecisionService ODM agent.
  • By setting notifications on ODM in the Rule Execution Server management console.
  • Specify the DecisionServiceRepository configurable service in the DecisionService node.

Question 18

The following XML is an example of which policy document? <policy type=’’MQEndpoint”> <policyProperties> <mqConnectionDetailsPolicy> <connection>CLIENT</connection> <destinationqueueManagerName>QMGR1</destinationqueueManagerName> <queueManagerHostname>localhost</queueManagerHostname> <listenerPortNumber>1414</listenerPortNumber> <channelName>SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN</channelName> <securityIdentity>SecId</securityIdentity> <useSSL>true<useSSL> < SSLPeerName>CN=IIB10</SSLPeerName> < SSLCipherSpec >TLS_RSA_WITH _AES_128_CBC_SHA</SSLCipherSpec> </mqConnectionDetailsPolicy> </policyProperties>
  • MQEndpoint
  • MQTTPublish
  • MQTTSubscribe
  • Workload management

Question 19

Which log can be checked to see if a web user has accessed a certain resource in Web UI?
  • Admin Log
  • System log
  • Integration Node STDOUT
  • Integration Server STDOUT

Question 20

When using the IBM Integration Bus Toolkit, how can the results of a deploy be checked?
  • Event monitoring
  • IIB log command
  • Toolkit workspace log
  • Toolkit Deployment log

Question 21

Application data that comes from a C or COBOL application, or consists of fixed-format binary data should belong to which message domain?
  • MIME domain
  • DFDL domain
  • SOAP domain
  • DataObject domain

Question 22

When a Java conditional expression is defined for a transform operation in a message map, which statement is true?
  • Java methods that use the DOM API cannot be used.
  • Only Java methods can be used with standard Java types.
  • Java methods that include MbElement data type arguments can be used.
  • The Java class provided to the map must have static methods that return Boolean values.

Question 23

Which of the following are operational policies for IBM Integration Bus?
  • MQClient, MQQMGR
  • Publish, MQSubscribe
  • MQTTEndpoint
  • MQTTPublish, MQTTSubscribe.

Question 24

Which node can process a collection built with the Collector Node?
  • Route Node
  • Compute Node
  • Sequence Node
  • DecisionService Node

Question 25

How is a secured and trusted communication link between IBM Integration Bus (IIB) and Business Process Manager (BPM) built?
  • Enable WS-Security on both BPM and IIB.
  • Programmatically encrypt the outgoing messages.
  • Add a certificate to the truststore to set up the SSL communication between BPM and IIB.
  • There is no need to build a security link because BPM and IIB should always be deployed on the same network behind the firewall.

Question 26

Which Enterprise Information System is not supported by the JCA adapter in IBM Integration Bus?
  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • PeopleSoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Question 27

A developer wants to create a REST API using the Create a REST API Wizard. What does the developer need before starting the wizard?
  • A SOAP file
  • A WADL document
  • A Swagger 2.0 document.
  • A sample of the JSON that will be handled.

Question 28

A developer is using the default maxConnectionPoolSize for their JDBC connection. To help determine data this property should be tuned for better performance. What tool can be used to monitor JDBC connection pool behavior?
  • User trace
  • Service trace
  • Resource statistics
  • Accounting statistics

Question 29

What capabilities does the developer have using the Integration Bus Web User Interface, assuming is configured?
  • Delete the integration node - view the integration server – View the message flow
  • View the integration node – delete the integration server – view the message flow
  • ****** the integration node – ***** the integration server – ***** the message flow
  • ***** the integration node – ***** the integration server – ***** the message flow

Question 30

While processing messages, an Integration flow containing MQInput node seems to stop picking up messages from the Input queue as the Input queue current depth keeps increasing. Where will the Integration Node report any issues?
  • Syslog
  • Message Flow Statistics
  • Trace Node output
  • Integration Server STDERR and STDOUT

Question 31

In automatic mode, which property of a TimeoutNotificationnode can be changed via a Timer configurable service so it overrides the value set in the node properties?
  • Start date
  • Start time
  • Timeout interval
  • Transaction mode

Question 32

What group must users be added to in order to be able to deploy?
  • Root
  • MQM
  • Admin
  • mqbrkrs

Question 33

An IBM Integration Bus pattern is created using an Exemplar integration solution and variants are also identified. Nodes will be added to the flow based on the variant values. How can the dynamic pattern be implemented?
  • Multiple options are added into the exemplar for controlling the dynamic behavior of the pattern.
  • Patterns are generated dynamically and a Configurable Service may be configured to control the generation process.
  • The pattern generation does not support any method of controlling the instantiation of the pattern and should be done outside the pattern.
  • Created using the exemplar solution. Java class is created to extend the exemplar is dynamically by using the Flow API.

Question 34

Which statement is true regarding globally coordinated XA transactions with the broker?
  • JMS transactions do not support XA.
  • The coordinatedTransaction flag must be set in the BAR file for enabling XA transactions with the broker.
  • Does not require the configuration of the queoe manager to coordinate XA transactions with the broker.
  • When the message flows participate in transactions with MQ as well as a Database, unless XA transactions are enabled, the flow can commit the database transaction but not the MQ...

Question 35

Which format of Accounting and statistics is only Available on Z/OS systems?
  • XML
  • SMF
  • JSON
  • Usertrace

Question 36

What is the difference between a Static and Shared library in IBM Integration bus?
  • Shared libraries may include additional jar files while Static libraries cannot.
  • Shared libraries can be deployed to an Integration Server while Static libraries cannot.
  • Shared libraries encapsulate common code that may be used by multiple applications while Static libraries cannot.
  • Multiple applications can reference the same Shared library without having to include the library as part of the build as in the case of Static library.

Question 37

A developer is creating a new message flow that will be deployed to an Integration Node running Scale edition on Linux after migrating from Websphere ESB. The developer needs to implement some computation. Which compute node can the developer use?
  • Compute
  • PHP compute
  • Java compute
  • NET compute

Question 38

An integration flow contains a Trace Node with the pattern $(Root) and destination User Trace. What will it write to the User Trace?
  • The entire message
  • The ExceptionList
  • Node records are written
  • Header and body of the message

Question 39

An integration bus developer has configured Event monitoring on MQInput Node for all the messages that hit the In terminal and the Out terminal of the node. When a batch of 10 different messages was processed through this Integration flow, 2 messages failed to be parsed at MQInput node and 18 events were seen to be fired. What could the developer do to see 20 events fired in the next run with same batch of messages?
  • Restart the message flow
  • Restart the integration Server
  • Change the configuration for the DataCaptureSource.
  • Add monitoring event for the Failure terminal on the MQInput Node.

Question 40

How are the pattern properties from the exemplar projects associated with the Pattern Authoring project?
  • The exemplar projects are associated with project references.
  • The exemplar project and the Authoring project must be in the same Workspace.
  • The exemplar project and the Authoring project must be in the same Working Set.
  • Pattern properties must be added manually and then selected in the exemplar project.

Question 41

What would the command mqsichangebroker ibnode –f do?
  • Install Fixpack
  • Remove Fixpack
  • Change the function level of IBNODE
  • Integration node for the IBNODE.

Question 42

When using the RegistryLookup Node to submit generic queries to Websphere Service Registry and Repository, where are the entities returned by the query stored?
  • In a predefined variable of the Array type.
  • In the ServiceRegistry field in the LocalEnvironment.
  • In one of the output terminal of the RegistryLookup Node.
  • in a shared variable that makes the data available to subsequent nodes.

Question 43

Which of the following statements is true if transaction is set to automatic in the compute Node property?
  • The node participates in XA transactions.
  • The database transaction is committed at the end of the flow.
  • The property refers to ESQL transactions and not database transactions.
  • The database transactions is always commited regardless of the transaction status of the flow.

Question 44

When using the MQTTPublish Node to route messages, how can it be determined if the message was published successfully?
  • Check the Boolean in LocalEnvironment.Destination.MQTT.Output.retained in a node wired to the Out terminal of the MQTTPublishNode.
  • Check the Boolean in LocalEnvironment.WrittenDestination.MQTT.Output.retained in a node wired to the Out terminal of the MQTTPublishNode.
  • Check the Boolean in LocalEnvironment.Destination.MQTT.DeliveryToken is Complete in a node wired to the Out terminal of the MQTTPublishNode.
  • Check the Boolean in LocalEnvironment.WrittenDestination.MQTT.DeliveryToken.isComplete in a node wired to the Out terminal of the MQTTPublishNode.

Question 45

When debugging a message flow a redeployment of the flow hangs. What could be the source of the issue?
  • Backout queue name was not defined
  • Debugger is waiting on a breakpoint
  • Additional instances of the flow was defined
  • Debugport was not defined on the Integration Server

Question 46

How does global cache help resolve message affinity issues with request/reply scenario when scaling IBM Integration Bus nodes?
  • The request and replies may be collected in the global cache for audit.
  • The global cache improves the performance of the request/reply message communication
  • Messages are sent to the back end and synchronized through the global cache lock.
  • …ing information may be saved in the global cache with the message id as the key and… any server from the correlation id.

Question 47

Which statement regarding Identity Mapping is true?
  • Custom token mapping can not be implemented for identity propagation.
  • Identity mapping can be performed in output nodes, if the output node has been configured with a security profile.
  • When mapping from an X.509 certificate, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager can verify the identity of the original sender.
  • Identity mapping is the transformation of a security token from one format to another format within another security realm.

Question 48

What is the most common method for testing a DFDL model in the toolkit?
  • Use the DFDL tester to parse the sample data file.
  • Add breakpoint into sample test data and use the debugger.
  • The DFDL schema can be validated by right clicking on the sample data.
  • The DFDL parser can only be tested when a sample test data is passed into the message flow from the input node.

Question 49

If an integration Node contains four integration servers, using the default topology, how many catalog servers and cache container servers will be hosted?
  • One catalog server and two cache container servers.
  • Two catalog servers and two cache container servers.
  • One catalog server and four cache container servers.
  • Three catalog servers and one cache container server.

Question 50

Which statement regarding the AppDomain in a .NETCompute Node is True?
  • Code sharing an AppDomain can share state.
  • There is no way to share data among different AppDomains.
  • A domain neutral assembly can be unloaded without unloading the whole AppDomain.
  • When a .NET assembly code is changed and swapped, the message flow must be stopped and restarted to pick up the change.

Question 51

Which statement regarding the invoking of stored procedures is true?
  • A stored procedure can only return one result set.
  • A stored procedure can be overloaded with a different number of parameters.
  • The PASSTHRU statement can be used to call the stored procedure by using the SQL command.
  • The Parameter types may no match as long as the external name of the procedure matches a procedure in database.

Question 52

What type of container is used to store one set of resources that are needed by multiple applications for maximum reuse?
  • Application
  • Static library
  • Shared library
  • Dynamic Library

Question 53

What tool can be used to create a new configurable service?
  • Web User Interface
  • IBM Integration Toolkit
  • IBM Integration Explorer
  • IBM Integration Admin Tool

Question 54

Which statement about local maps is true?
  • A local map can be called from a ESQL procedure.
  • A local map can be defined by clicking File -> New -> Local Map
  • A local Map is an independent resource with a physical file associated.
  • The scope of a local map is the message map. A local map is processed with the messagemap.

Question 55

What is the advantage of defining an MQ Service in IBM Integration BUS (IIB)?
  • The MQ Service definition is required for any MQ Interactions with IIB.
  • The MQ Service creates an application to send and receive messages from a queue.
  • To reuse the connection and queue definition in the MQ Nodes and WSDL in an Integration Service.
  • The MQ Service creates SOA-based service automatically reducing effort to create and deploy the service

Question 56

When choosing the Destination property on a Trace Node to the local Error log, what else must be set?
  • The Message Catalog property.
  • The Message Number property.
  • Both the Message Catalog property and Message Number property.
  • Nothing else needs to be set.

Question 57

Which two options are available in IBM Integration Bus for administration? (Choose 2)
  • IBM Integration API.
  • MQ Administration Client.
  • IBM Integration Bus Explorer
  • Web Services Administration Client.
  • IBM Integration Web User Interface.

Question 58

An integration flow was found to be running slower than expect on AIX system. It was found that /var/mqsi/common/log was continuously growing in size. Why would this be happening?
  • Abends are getting created.
  • Core dumps are getting created.
  • A trace or accounting and statistics has been left enabled
  • An integration flow referencing lots of JARs was deployed to the integration server.

Question 59

Which part of the logical message tree is where the message flow writes information about exceptions that occur when a message is processed?
  • ErrorList
  • System log
  • ExceptionList
  • Exception Log

Question 60

How can the embedded global cache be configured to read replica shards?
  • By using the MbGlobalMap class constructor.
  • By configuring the Configuration Service for the embedded global cache.
  • By configuring the deployment.xml file and specifying the deployment policy to the Integration Server
  • Replica shards cannot be configured in the embeddes global cache but only in the eXtreme Scale grid

Question 61

How should the transportPropagationConfig be set to configure a message flow for identity propagation?
  • The Boolean value TRUE
  • The user name of the identity
  • The name of the configuration file for the security profile.
  • The resource name created with the mqsisetdbparms command
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