internet safety and sharing online

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This is a presentation aimed for classes of 11-13 year olds, to discuss information sharing online and tell these students/young adults how to share their information safely online. most useful for an ICT lesson as that would be an applicable topic and the students/ young adults could then participate in the suggested activities throughout.

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    Sharing information online
    Information sharing online can be great. The internet was created to share information around the world, to make information and knowledge accessible to everyone (Internet society, 2015). The internet, helps people to apply for jobs, find relationships, find long lost family, and much, much more. All of these couldn't be done without information being shared through the internet. The internet also allows people to get the news as it happens with easy access on any smart device. There are a lot of great aspects to sharing information online, however there are also dangers hidden out there.

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    The hidden dangers online
    Although sharing information can be useful, there are many times that personal information should stay private, because the minute  you upload information to the internet, its not private anymore. The information you share online can be found by anyone, there are different privacy settings on different sites, however that doesn't indicate that information and images uploaded to the internet are private. Try searching for yourself, on any browser you prefer: google/ bing/ yahoo ectDid you expect to find what you found ?

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    Sharing information online
    Information that you shouldn't share with people you don't know:- Your home address- Your bank details - Your full name - Your families information- The school you go to- Your phone number/ friends names and numbers - You also do not need to send pictures of yourself or others to anyone that asks

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     Please take part in this short quiz to discover how information savvy you are. Make sure to read each question and chose the answer you think is most accurate.Please be honest. do not have to tell anyone how you did on the quiz. Do please take a look at the page linked to the quiz also linked here:
    Information sharing

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    Images from google image search internet society (2015)  Brief History of the Internet - Internet Timeline | Internet Society available at: (accessed on: 10/03/16)Online assessment tool (2016) Internet quiz available at:  (accessed on: 10/03/16)Think you know (2015) internet safety available at: (accessed on: 10/03/16)
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