Evaluation question 1.

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    Evaluation question 1
    In what was does your media product use, develop or challenge and conventions of real media products?

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    Our music video was shot in central London as we didn't want to film any footage in near by places as it would not look professional. While filming in central London, we tried to get as many different shots of different places as we though it would look more interesting and professional for our audience to see. We thought that it would be more fun to film around, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Five Guys  and M&M world in Covent Garden. Interesting locations are an important aspect of many generic music videos as they make the music video more memorable and invite the viewer to respond with personal ques as they may have been in these landmarks too. An example could even be the song 'Shine ya light' by Rita Ora where she is in Kosovo, not a famous place that people would know but its interesting as it is  different place, a different country and why not different culture which make is special and more watchable.
    Use of location

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    Goodwins Theory
    Most of the girl/boy band have dance routines in their music videos which is not what we did for ours as non of us was confident enough to dance in front of the camera or the people around us. Therefore we recorded footage of us playing instruments or singing on spot and the rest was footage of us doing fun things around central London. Goodwin identified that there is a relationship between lyrics and visuals; illustrate, amplify and disjuncture/contradicting.  Most of our lyrics were contradicting as the lyrics and footage did not match. Some of the footage was illustrative as for example we showed the sun going down when the lyrics said "as the sun goes down."

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    Close ups
    Here we conformed to the conventions held in a normal music video; close ups. Many music videos feature a close up of the artist singing. We decided to imitate this to make our music video more true to real life music videos.
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